Awards - Spring 2 - 2023/34



You have shown such incredible articulation in every way. You are able to explain complex ideas and concepts with clarity and confidence and in relatable language. This concise way of communicating has meant that your peers have been able to understand even the most difficult of new ideas. The class look up to you as a role model for language use and try to emulate your well-articulated ideas in their own way. In writing, your ability to choose and use a range of unusual vocabulary and employ it to have an effect on the reader has been truly astounding at times. Here is an incredible example from a recent story, 'Underneath the fragile branches, the tree trunks swayed to and fro, forming frightening shadows of people.' You are beginning to sound like a real author! In Maths, you confidently explain your reasoning using complex and precise vocabulary with clarity. Well done!


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You more than deserve this award for confidence. The enthusiasm that you show for learning is exemplary - you are always ready to have a go and support other children by explaining concepts to them with clarity and confidence. You take the lead in class by always being ready to share your ideas and it has been wonderful to see you shine in all manner of drama activities that we have done this year. You are confident enough to use a range of character voices, use actions and use a range of facial expressions to engage the audience, even when others are reluctant to join in. In this way, you are a role-model to others. This has recently been the case with the public speaking competition. Initially, you were the only child in the class who had the confidence to get up and have a go. Following your fantastic speech, many other children followed your example and went home and decided that they would like to have a turn. You then went on to reach the final! Well done, it is wonderful watching you flourish as you grow older. 




You have received this award due to your kind, loving and forgiving attitude that you always hold towards your friends. You always treat your peers with respect, making sure that any friendship issues are resolved quickly by showing a true sense of forgiveness. Recently, you really impressed me after you immediately extended your hand to another child after they had apologised to you. You exemplify what being a 'good friend' is all about; you are a real team-player and you always look to build strong bonds with your classmates. Thank you for always showing understanding and tolerance.


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You are generous with everyone in class. You give them your time and attention whenever needed. With your friends, you are kind and always make sure that they have enough of what they need, be it paper, pens or playdough! You always think of others and ensure that they are included. If I'm giving things out ready for a task or challenge and someone has nipped to the bathroom, you remind me to make sure I put things out for them so that they can join in when they get back. You are also generous with your smile, even if you aren’t feeling too well yourself. You are a wonderful friend and generous to everyone. You are in fact, just wonderful.




You bound into our classroom each and every day like a huge bundle of happy energy with a massive beaming smile on your face. No matter the situation you are always able to see the brightest side of things. Your amazing giggle can be heard throughout the day as can your happy chatter. You make the classroom such a happy and enjoyable place to be. Every single one us would say that you make our days brighter and happier. Never stop being you – you make the world a happier place for us all.




Every day, you bring a smile to the faces of those around you. From other pupils in the class to other members of staff around school. You always bring every ounce of personality into every single lesson throughout the week, whether it’s a lesson you enjoy or not. You are never afraid to contribute towards a discussion in lessons and always have something unique to add. You bring laughter and joy to the heart of the class in year 5. Well done on always being yourself and having such great individuality.




We’ve been amazed by your level of integrity this year. You can always be relied upon to tell the truth because you truly understand the importance of honesty. Recently in class there have been one or two fall outs and it is YOU that can be trusted to tell the full story of events to help us get to the bottom of the matter and to resolve the situation. Your friends look up to you and hold you in high regard - as do I, as you can always be trusted to set the best example. You are a super role model to everyone. Well done.


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You really are the true embodiment of joy! You come into the classroom every day with such a dazzling smile and an infectious giggle, which immediately brightens up the room. Even when you find the work challenging, your positivity wins through as you keenly follow my feedback with a smile on your face, eager to please! This attitude is serving you well, as shown by the incredible progress that you are making in ALL areas this year! Keep being you, you help to make our classroom such a happy place to be.  




For exemplifying a remarkable sense of justice during a recent swimming relay race representing our school. You undertook the role of the final swimmer in the race, contributing to our school's victory. Upon congratulating you for your outstanding performance, your immediate response was both humble and noble; you insisted that the achievement was a collective effort. This act truly demonstrated the depth of your commitment to fairness and respect for teamwork. Instead of seeking personal accolades, you ensured that recognition was directed towards the entire team. Your actions not only showcased your exceptional sportsmanship but also reflected your unwavering dedication to upholding justice.


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When another child was recently upset in art as they did not like my model portrait of them, you did not miss a beat before putting your hand up to say “Miss, I think you’ve drawn me by mistake instead!”, immediately taking ownership of my work and cheering up a friend. This level of kindness is second nature to you and is shown continuously to both pupils and staff, whether it be holding a door, helping to tidy up an area in which you haven’t played, or acting as an on-the-spot mediator to support your friends to manage disagreements (which I don’t think have ever involved you)! Your kind and mature nature is a real asset which will serve you incredibly well through life, and we are so fortunate to have you in our class and school community.  



You show a willingness to try your best every day and always enter the classroom with such a happy and positive attitude. You give 100% in all subjects and always look for ways to improve which is a fantastic trait to have. You don’t always find everything easy but this doesn’t stop you from giving everything a go and having a never give up attitude. You are currently trying so hard to improve your times tables and work on this daily. You are also going above and beyond to improve your reading and this has made such a difference to your everyday work. Finally, your attitude to learning, sheer resilience and never wanting to give up approach is a real credit to yourself and you have come such a long way in a short period of time in year 4. Well done and keep up this amazing hard work.




For displaying a tireless sense of service to our school. As your mother is chair of the PTFA, your household and family are often busy with planning and preparing activities to support our school and make it a better place. For as long as I have known you, you have always got stuck in with these activities - no matter how challenging -  and work endlessly to support your mum, the PTFA as a whole, and as a result - our entire school community. Because these events are often planned, prepared and can even take place outside of school hours, it is often easy to overlook or be unaware of the contribution you make. Without you though, our school would not be what it is today. We commend you for your selfless service and recognise you as a role model for embodying the spirit of service within our school.



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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