Awards - Autumn 1 - 2023/24


In the classroom, you consistently contribute thoughtful and well-articulated responses during class discussions. Your ability to express your ideas with clarity and precision has enriched our classroom. Furthermore, your exceptional articulation has allowed you to effectively convey complex concepts and ask meaningful and deep questions. Not only do you excel in verbal communication, but you also demonstrate outstanding articulation in your written work. Your work is consistently well-structured, showcasing your ability to organise your thoughts and present them in a coherent manner. Your writing style is not only articulate but also engaging and a pleasure to read.


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You whole-heartedly deserve the award for Confidence. It has been a pleasure to see you shine in so many areas of school life, particularly over the last year. You have shown you are unassuming with a quiet determination and drive to succeed. A key moment for you was when you turned the teachers' heads during the auditions for Matilda The Musical. It is always a pleasure when children step up to the challenge of the audition and show determination to prove themselves! You certainly did this. Your outstanding performance as one of our Matildas was a very proud moment for you, and all of your friends and teachers at school! It has also been great to see you apply your developed confidence in class - you show quiet determination to succeed, always working so hard and challenging yourself. It is this confidence in your academic ability, willingness to have a go and drive to succeed which will ensure that you achieve your very best in Year 6. Well done - we are very proud of you!


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During the first half-term, you have displayed so many of our school values and you could have been chosen for any of them. You have shown great resilience with your classwork, never giving up when things get tricky. You’ve shown wonderful kindness to your friends if they are upset and demonstrated great integrity – always telling the truth. But the award I have chosen you for is the forgiveness award. Sometimes, we can say things we shouldn’t. One time recently, during a game of football, one of the other boys said something not very nice when you missed a goal. This upset you but your friends rallied round you making sure you were OK. What impressed me so much though was your ability to forgive that person and move on from the situation. This didn’t harm your friendship and you showed a great example to us all about the importance of forgiveness. Well done.


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You consistently show the value of generosity in class by giving up your own time to help those in need. This can take the form of helpfully articulating some difficult concepts to a friend, teaching others how to tackle tricky questions in Maths or simply lending a hand to others when they have been asked to do something. You do this without ever thinking about yourself or expecting anything in return. You are never selfish and always encourage a positive attitude in others with your kind smile and supportive words. Your friendly words of motivation are gratefully received by all - children and adults alike. Thank-you for offering what you can, always with a smile, and always putting the needs of others before your own.


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We can always depend on you to have a smile on your face. No matter what day it is, or what lesson we are doing, you never make a fuss and give everything for all. You may not find all of the work that we do easy, but you embrace challenges with confidence and a huge grin, as if to say “I can do this!”; you see the positive in everything. Your attitude is infectious and helps to make our classroom and school an incredibly happy place to be. Keep on smiling! 


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You are never afraid to be you! You can be quiet and reserved, but also have moments of great confidence where you show us who you truly really are. Never afraid to be different, you approach everything in your own way, not worried about whether others might do something differently. When you recently started wearing your glasses, you have ‘owned them’ since day one, not fazed in the slightest by the change. Keep being you - we love you just as you are!  


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You have an incredible passion for everything related to school and always give 110% in all that you do. In particular, you really show integrity each and every day and demonstrate this with the highest morals and principles. You always do what is right and totally lead by example to your peers and others around you. You are an extremely honest young girl and always believe in making sure everything is done fairly and correctly. You are also not afraid to speak out when you believe something isn’t right and will often help until the issue has been resolved. You do this in such a mature way that is far beyond your years. For somebody so young to have such high morals and respect, is a credit to yourself and your family and others will absolutely consider you to be a role model in and out of school. Keep being the wonderful young girl you are and demonstrating all of the amazing traits that you have.



You have only been at our school for a few short weeks but in that time you have brought with you so much joy to school and you continue to spread that warmth throughout the class. You always have a huge smile on your face which is always delivered with beautiful manners and kindness. You manage to find joy in every area of school life. Keep being you - you make the world a happier place.


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You demonstrate justice each and every day and do this by having a cool and calm head on your young shoulders and have complete respect from your peers. You never get wound up and always find a way to fix and resolve a situation whenever it might happen or whatever it might be. You are the voice of reason and have an incredible skill to want to help people find the best possible outcome and solution. You are a fantastic classmate and always want to be fair and ensure that everybody is involved. You are an incredible young boy and to have all these traits at such a young age is amazing and something that we love to see in school each and every day.


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Your kind spirit and loving nature is on display each and every day. You are always the first to go to your friends when they need a loving arm round the shoulder or need some help with their work. Your friends look up to you with admiration and you show them kindness in return. You also show great kindness towards your teachers too. Recently, you were able to spot when one of us wasn’t feeling at our best. The next day, you greeted them with a warm smile, a kind note and a little gift demonstrating your caring side. I know that gift made a huge difference to that person and really lifted their spirits. Thank you. Please keep being the kind little girl you are. We are so lucky to have you in our school community.


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Throughout your short time in Year 5, we have witnessed the start of a transformation. You have not only embraced the difficulties that have come your way but have conquered them with a spirit that is truly inspiring. Your resilience has been nothing short of extraordinary. You have shown incredible strength in overcoming past struggles and embracing school with enthusiasm. Your growth has been a joy to witness and it is a testament to your strong character. Your resilience has been infectious, with your classmates and even the teachers, admiring your ability to bounce back from setbacks. Your determination to never give up has not only contributed to your own success but has also motivated those around you to keep pushing forward. Resilience is a precious trait that will serve you well throughout your life. It is a reminder that difficult times can be faced head-on and conquered, that challenges are opportunities for growth, and that a positive attitude can turn obstacles into stepping stones.


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You have been awarded the Service award because of the outstanding contribution you make to our school community and to our wider society. Your loveable, exuberant, caring and kind character is one that shines wherever you go and in whatever you do. You leave a lasting impression, serving others with your cheerful nature, humour and by sharing your breadth of knowledge. Your contributions to class discussions are very much valued as you show a real thirst for knowledge which means you are a positive influence on your peers. Your kindness, compassion and willingness to be involved in school and community events is to be admired- there is no doubt that you are growing into a model citizen who will go onto have a positive impact on society. Your endeavours outside of school particularly exemplify this: training for weeks to partake in a sponsored run to raise money for a charity very close to your heart. You also have very active roles in your local church, as well as in your pony-riding pursuits. We are very proud of the young man you are and will become!



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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