Awards - Spring 1 - 2023/24



You have an incredibly unique ability to articulate yourself so masterfully. No matter the situation, you think very carefully before you give an answer to a question. In maths, you are able to explain your reasoning superbly well and set a wonderful example to the others helping them to understand the importance of articulation. Not only this, as you take great care to be aware of other people’s feelings when discussing points or raising issues in class. You are incredibly sensitive to other people’s emotions and handle all discussion points with great maturity. I’ve been blown away this year by your fantastic use of vocabulary and know that this will only improve as you get older. Well done – we are very proud.




You more than deserve this award for confidence. The enthusiasm that you show for learning is exemplary - you are always ready to have a go and support other children by explaining concepts to them with clarity and confidence. You take the lead in class by always being ready to share your ideas and by always demonstrating clearly, the right thing to do so that others will then follow. Being the first person to listen, to be on task, or to articulate ideas is your speciality. You have also wowed Mr. Spencer with your confidence when using technical musical terms and singing complicated rhythmic patterns. Well done, it is wonderful watching you flourish as you grow older.



You are a lovely little girl who plays happily with others and very rarely makes a fuss. A few weeks ago, you were involved in an incident on the playground which resulted in you getting one of the worst black eyes I have ever seen. Even though you were incredibly upset, there wasn't even a minute where you blamed the child who had hurt you and understood it was an accident. You didn't hesitate for a second in accepting an apology. You smiled and never mentioned it again, even though the black eye took days to go down!




We are giving you this award for being incredibly generous every day. You go above and beyond to help those around you, putting their needs before your own and making commitments beyond your years. You are such an amazing friend and always help anybody and everybody that you can no matter what the situation. You also have an infectious smile that is evident from the minute that you enter the classroom to the moment that you leave and that has a real impact around school. You also provide so many other traits each day, such as kindness, loyalty and joy and all these combined make you the lovely, generous person you are. Keep being that amazing, generous person and making the huge difference that you do every day.




You are a little ray of sunshine. There isn't a day that you don't come into school smiling. Even when you’re trying really hard with tricky work, you can find something to smile about. You have a giggle to make everyone else smile too, you really do brighten the room. You play happily with all your friends and don't fall out with anyone. Always be you and keep spreading that sunshine.




You always show your unique personality and wonderful sense of humour each and every day. You embrace your talents, make your own decisions and never fear to stand out from the crowd. You are so confident in the person you are. Your individuality shines in every aspect of school. You can never be described as a follower - you have a special ability to walk your own path. You enjoy working with others but also have no issues with working by yourself – sometimes your best work comes when you think for yourself and get carried away with your fantastic imagination. Well done on always being yourself and having such a sense of individuality. 




You can always be relied upon to set the perfect example to others in school, no matter where we are or what we are doing. Although you are quiet and shy, you show integrity in everything you do. For example, you have no fear of reminding others of how they should be behaving in class, yet you do so in a mature, polite and sensible way. Despite only being in Year 1, you are an outstanding role model in school, and I know that as the years go on your confidence will grow and you will continue to shine in many ways. 




You brighten our days up as soon as you walk through the door. You always have a smile on your face and seem to enjoy every aspect of school life. If anyone is feeling down, you are the first one to help, always trying to lift their spirits with either a kind word or a little joke. You are always up for pulling pranks in the classroom, often at my expense but sometimes working as my little accomplice. Never a day goes by where you don’t have a positive impact on someone. We are all so lucky to have you in our class. Please never stop being you.


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You have a very strong sense of right and wrong. You regularly show justice.  Naturally, you will take turns, play by the rules and not take advantage of anyone.  In group work, you ensure that every person gets their opportunity to share their ideas. In your role on the school council, you go out of your way to constantly think of ideas of how we can make things equal and just throughout school. You demonstrate super behaviour in class and are a great role model, knowing the right and wrong way to treat people. You always treat your friends fairly and help to make sure that everyone is happy. Well done. 




Your immense kindness is recognised and appreciated by all of your classmates and teachers. You have a gentle, considerate and calm nature which puts all of your classmates at ease and makes you a great friend to everyone. You always show sensitivity and empathy towards others’ feelings by never saying an unkind word to, or about, anyone. You really value your friendships and care for everyone - never wanting to fall out with others or hurt anyone’s feelings. Your tolerance and ability to forgive and resolve situations quickly is a very noble quality which makes you a fantastic role model. This makes you extremely trustworthy and reliable. It is this, your cheery, laid-back, unassuming nature and quiet self-assurance which makes us all feel very lucky to be your friend. 




Despite finding some elements of school life tricky, your resilience always shines through thanks to your incredibly happy nature and solid growth mindset. You are working hard in school every day to overcome your struggles and it is fantastic to see you celebrate the progress you are making. Though it could be a chore to spend time working when others are learning through play, you take feedback on board with a smile and enjoy working with adults to break down any barriers. This level of resilience will serve you well over the years; I know that you will continue to tackle obstacles that come your way head on, with that trademark attitude!  




For the service you have shown to our school community in the time you have been here. You take on any challenge in your way and see it as a huge opportunity. You do not shy away from new experiences and constantly seek out different ways to represent our school. From rugby to Fizzy Tree, from Let’s Go Sing to football. You represent our school in so many extra-curricular ways and we are proud to have you do so. You undertake them all with confidence, kindness and respect to everyone involved. You are a valued part of our school community. Thank you for everything you do for us.




Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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