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Learning together, rooted in God, pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present. They are happyconfident, articulate children with a love of learning and a sense of service, who recognise and celebrate their own individuality and that of other members of our community. They are generous, kind and welcoming; they are forgiving and understand justice. With God by their side, they face the world with resilienceintegrity and joy.

We teach our school values (in bold in the statement above) and British Values through PSHE, daily worship and our topic work in class when applicable. Our termly values (the cycle of which can be found HERE) are shared with parents through the school's weekly newsletter.


School Values Awards

This year was our 2nd Annual School Values Awards Ceremony. Since the creation of the awards two years ago, we have been witness to so many examples of children demonstrating our school values in one form or other. Each half-term, we have continued to recognise those children who have best displayed our school values each and every day. In July, we recognised those children who have made truly outstanding contributions to our school values. The Awards are as follows;

The Harry Clarke Articulation Award

The Nicki Detko Confidence Award






The Nicola Lamoury Award for Joy



The Stuart Bolton Resilience Award

The Service Award in honour of Julie Goodwin


Please take a look at the recipients of our School Value Awards.




It is with great pleasure and pride that we present this tribute to you for your articulation. You consistently demonstrate an exceptional command of language and an unwavering dedication to expanding your vocabulary. Your mastery of language extends beyond literacy. Your newfound words are used across all subject areas, igniting curiosity and fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us. From scientific explanations to historical accounts, your unique ability to apply language is awesome. Your dedication, hard work, and unyielding commitment to the power of words has earned you this award. Well done.




You have had a fantastic year in every single aspect of year 4 but it is your new found confidence that has really stood out. You used to be a very quiet girl in school who would get on with everything quietly and efficiently without any fuss. But now, you seem to have much more confidence that has helped you in so many different situations and are now not afraid to give anything and everything a go. You have been such a pleasure to have in class this year and it has been amazing to watch you grow throughout the year. You have such a conscientious approach to everything you do in school and this is especially evident in your work and the careful attitude you have towards everything you complete. You are now much more confident, whether this is being in charge of a group in class, contributing to class discussions or taking part in the school production and have shown a real willingness to step out of your comfort zone. Everything is also done with a huge smile on your face and no job is ever too big or too much to ask. You are also a great friend to everybody in the classroom and are such a valued and respected member of the class due to your kind, happy and friendly approach. Your personality has really shone through this year and you have really matured and developed in so many ways and it has been a pleasure to watch you flourish into the incredible pupil you are. 




Today, we present the award for forgiveness to someone who has exemplified the value of forgiveness in the most extraordinary way. You have not only shown immense resilience but has also blossomed into a beacon of maturity and empathy. Throughout the academic year, you have faced countless challenges. You have experienced unkindness from your peers. However, instead of dwelling in bitterness or seeking revenge, you chose a different path. In the face of adversity and hurt, you exhibited true strength of character by extending forgiveness to your classmates. Your efforts serve as a reminder to all of us that forgiveness has the power to heal wounds and create happiness.




You have a natural ability to be generous to both your peers and your teachers. You have a very positive approach to want to help and allow everybody to be the best they can be. You are a very popular and well-respected member of the class because of the constant traits you show to be generous. You regularly put others before yourself and ensure that everybody feels equal and included. You are also a great team player and always find a way to allow everybody to take part. The biggest act of generosity I have seen from you this year was during our Ventures trip to Hothersall Lodge. All the children were split up into different groups with other schools which for a lot of children was quite daunting. However, you took this in your stride and made everybody in your group feel included and treated them all as friends and talked to them like you’d known them for years. In particular, there was a young girl who was quite upset at being away from home and you went out of your way to reassure this girl on numerous occasions and support her through the activities with sheer generosity and kindness. This was also noticed by other teachers who came to applaud your willingness to help others without being asked or prompted. This showed such a level of maturity beyond your years and this is something that you do on a daily basis which is an absolute credit to yourself and the incredible person you are.




You started Reception class with a shy smile. Every morning, without fail you have come to school, greeting me with that smile and a 'good morning Ms. Lonsdale'. Throughout the year, you have grown in confidence, continuously worked hard, built friendships and been a wonderfully happy role model for the children in our class. You tackled a very wet and cold forest school day with a smile and encouraged other children to carry on. You have approached every opportunity with positivity, a smile and a hug for anyone who needed it. You really have been a ray of sunshine and happiness for us all this year. 




You deserve the award for Individuality because you have been an absolute pleasure to have in our class this year, and our school for your whole time at primary school. You will be remembered most for your bubbly personality, quirky humour, your authenticity and humility. You really are the epitome of a ‘good egg’. You are never afraid to be yourself and speak your mind in class discussions. You are clearly a deep thinker, with an immense amount of empathy for others. It is this, and the resilience and maturity you have developed, that gives you the confidence to let your light shine. You are admired by your peers and are a very much-valued member of our school community - never lose your quirky sense of fun and do come back and visit us over the years to come!




You deserve the award for Integrity as throughout your whole time at primary school you have never failed to do what you feel is morally right. If you can see when someone is breaking rules or being unkind, you always bravely do the right thing by informing a member of staff. This does not come from a place of wanting to please adults or wanting to get other children in trouble. It comes from a genuine understanding that rules exist in school simply to ensure that everyone stays safe and so that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn. You consistently lead by example in your behaviour and your work ethic which has made you a model pupil, setting a high standard in school for younger children and your peers to aspire to. Your goodness shines in all areas of school. You are such a kind and thoughtful friend, who is respected for your unwavering integrity and truthfulness. Well done. We are so proud of the person you are and we know that you will make such a positive difference to our world in all of your future endeavours.




You deserve the award for Joy because your beautiful, sunny disposition has brightened up everyday in school. You have always been cheerful, friendly and willing to help. This has made you a great classmate and a much valued member of our school community over your whole time at primary school. You really are a credit to us and your family. Younger children in school have found your joyful, cheery nature very approachable which has made you a great role model who is nurturing and caring. You have always come into school with a smile on your face, ready to learn and ready to help others. You have approached everything with a positive attitude, embracing all areas of school life, fully appreciating all the opportunities on offer. It is with this optimism that you have been able to make such a difference to our school community. The joy you have brought to school is shared through the many activities you take part in. You have been an inspiration to others in doing so. Please continue to spread joy as you progress through high school. You really do remind us all that life is short and should be lived to the full!




You have been chosen for this award because of the way you live your life every day. You have really understood what it means to be just and you consistently show fairness to all of your friends. Due to this attitude, your friends all hold you in high regard and trust your good judgement immensely, looking to you for clarity and wisdom when needed. Throughout the year, when situations of conflict have occurred between your peers, you have always been there to thoughtfully articulate how the issue could be resolved in a way that is fair and kind to all. After a long period of absence from school, your classmates even spontaneously cheered as you stepped through the door on your return. This really demonstrates their respect for you. It has also been lovely to see the kind words written about you in a card given to you by an elderly lady at your church. You are affecting the lives of so many people in our community in such a positive, kind and caring way and this makes you a role-model to other children. You are a loving, kind-hearted and empathetic girl who continuously strives for school to be a fair and just place to be. Well done!




Your immense kindness has been recognised by all in school throughout your time at St. Lawrence’s. Your gentle, considerate and calm nature has put all of your classmates at ease and has made you a great friend to everyone. You have always shown sensitivity and empathy towards others’ feelings by never saying an unkind word to, or about, anyone. You really value your friendships and have cared for everyone - never wanting to fall out with others or hurt anyone’s feelings. You have shown you have the ability to forgive and resolve situations quickly. This is a very noble quality which has made you a fantastic role model and a tremendous force for good in class and around school. It is this which makes you extremely trustworthy and reliable. Your fantastic sense of humour, unassuming nature and quiet self-assurance makes us all feel very lucky to be a friend of yours. 




This time last year you were embarking on a journey that not many of us could even imagine. When you and your family came over from Ukraine last summer, you must have been so nervous about what it would be like here in England and the family you were leaving behind. When we met you for the first time on your arrival, you were understandably anxious, but you greeted us with a big smile, a handshake and the only English word you knew – “Hello.” You showed huge courage and determination. At the start you would show such patience with myself and Miss Geraghty when we were trying to explain what each of the dinners were – you never got irritated once. It didn’t take you long at all to settle in. You picked up the Maths work really quickly and started to learn more and more English as the days went by, but more importantly you have made some amazing friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. The hard work and resilience that you have shown throughout this whole year, has resulted in you now working at expected Year 2 level for reading which is a phenomenal achievement. You are working at greater depth for Maths, been on the football team and even completed the entire Nessy program! We couldn’t be any prouder of how hard you have worked, how much progress you have made, but most of all, we couldn’t be any prouder of you! We all think you are just a remarkable young boy. Well done.




We present this award to an individual who has become the epitome of service and dedication. Your willingness to go above and beyond is truly inspiring. Whether it's the first to raise your hand or the first to offer assistance, you are always ready to lend a helping hand, showing remarkable initiative and reliability. Your involvement in various extra-curricular clubs outside of school showcases not only your boundless talents, but also your passion for making a positive impact in the wider world. Moreover, a characteristic that sets our recipient apart is their exceptional ability to mediate conflicts. You possess a unique skill of diffusing tensions and bringing people together, creating a better environment for all. Finally, you represent our school with immense pride and respect. We are so proud to have you wear our school badge. You embody the values we hold dear.



Take a look at our previous winners too.

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Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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