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We try very hard to ensure each child has the very best educational experience throughout his/her time at St Lawrence CE Primary School. However, we are only human and no matter how hard we try, we may not always get things right. If you ever have a query, concern or complaint about any aspect of school life, we would like to know about it as soon as possible; problems are best tackled early.  Most problems can be sorted through an informal chat with your child's class teacher. If you do not get a satisfactory response, please refer your concern to Mrs Goodwin. Very occasionally, it may be necessary to take your complaint further. At this stage, please put your concern in writing to Mrs Goodwin, or to Mrs White, our Chair of Governors if the complaint is about Mrs Goodwin. This should be marked confidential and sent to the school address. 

A copy of the full complaints procedure can be found here.

Parent-Guardian Support Website Links: 

STREP A - Strep A and scarlet fever – what are they and what are the symptoms? Information for parents, schools, colleges and early years providers

REV DR SUSAN SALT'S VIDEO - The past twelve months has been a very difficult time for us all and children may well have picked up some of the concerns that adults around them are feeling. I highly recommend that you take a few minutes to watch the video that Rev Susan Salt has recorded at the request of the PTFA. It offers some very useful, practical, common-sense tips and advice on how to listen to and support children (and adults!) who are feeling anxious.

BBC - LOCKDOWN MENTAL HEALTH: TIPS FOR HELPING YOUR CHILD - Lockdown in the UK has seen an increase in children under 11 seeking counselling according to charities Childline and NSPCC. Educational Psychologist Abigail Wright has five tips to help parents keep their children's mental health on track

NHS ONE YOU AND EVERY MIND MATTERS - Here to help you make small changes that fit your life, so you feel better and healthier every day. We all go through ups and downs in life, and experience life changes that can affect our mental health. Every Mind Matters gives you simple and practical advice to get a healthier mind and get more out of life – from how to deal with stress and anxiety, to boosting our mood or sleeping better. It will help you spot the signs of common mental health conditions, get personalised practical self-care tips and information on further support. You'll also learn about what you can do to help others. It only takes a minute to get started with our short free quiz to create Your Mind Plan with personalised tips and advice.

THINK YOU KNOW - The internet has changed all of our lives, particularly our children’s. For parents and carers this opens up a whole new world of things to be aware of. This site aims to make online parenting simple.

VIDEO GAMES - An often overlooked area of eSafety includes the use of games consoles.

SOCIAL NETWORKS - As anyone can sign up to a social network, it will inevitably attract a small minority of users who want to promote extreme or unsavoury views, or who have abusive or criminal intentions. So, although the vast majority of users are respectable, it's important to take precautions. REMEMBER CHILDREN UNDER 13 SHOULD NOT HAVE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS!

MOBILE PHONES - Be aware of the potential mobile and internet safety risks your children might face whilst using a mobile phone. This guide explains more about mobile internet safety and shows you how to find information to keep your children safe online.



For a primary or secondary place in a Lancashire school, please apply by the following link:

Or search School Admissions on

31st October 2023 for High School admissions

15th January 2024 for Primary School Admissions 

If your application for a place at your preferred school is unsuccessful and you wish to appeal against the decision, you must apply in writing using the standard forms available on the following link:


Where the governors are unable to offer a place because the school is over subscribed, parents have the right to appeal to an independent admission appeal panel, set up under the School Standards and Framework Act, 1998, as amended by the Education Act, 2002.  Parents should notify the clerk to the governors at the school by 30th April 2024.  Parents will have the opportunity to submit their case to the panel in writing and also to attend in order to present their case.  You will normally receive 14 days’ notice of the place and time of the hearing.

Appeals which are received after the deadline will be slotted into the schedule where this is possible.  There is no guarantee that this will happen and late appeals may be heard after the stipulated date at a second round of hearings.  The schedule is subject to change depending upon the availability of appeal panel members, clerks, venues and the number of appeals for each school (which will vary year on year).

Please note that this right of appeal against the governors’ decision does not prevent you from making an appeal in respect of any other school.

A copy of the latest Admissions Policy can be found HERE


CLEAR - This parental booklet has been developed in partnership with parents in order to support parents in talking to their children about alcohol.

IS IT LEGAL? - A Parent's Guide to The Law.

GETTING READY TO START SCHOOL - A child’s first day at school, is a big moment for parents and for them and it can be both an exciting and nervous time. Here are some of the ways you can give your child help and encouragement to help them be ready for school. It also includes a useful video. 

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