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Diwali Assembly

On 4th November we had a very special whole school worship. Three girls from Year 5 led the worship and delivered a powerpoint of their own creation to teach us all a little more about Diwali. They showed us a video explaining the story of Rama and Sita and captured our imaginations with a video of traditional Hindu dancing. We are so proud of how confident the presenters were and how well they answered questions from their audience!

Eesha had planned and written the worship, involved her friends and stood confidently in front of the whole school to deliver it - what a fantastic achievement! Her presentation is included in the files at the bottom of the page.


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Bishop Philip's Visit

At the end of October, we were honoured to host Bishop Philip North in school. He led worship for us and then moved outside to bless our beautiful mosaic and values murals. Bishop Philip then toured the school to meet the children and answer some of their questions. In EYFS he was treated to a "tea party" in the wendy house before moving all of the way through school. In Year 6 he was asked hard hitting questions such as "If we are all the same in God's eyes, why does even The Church of England have a hierarchy?"

Bishop Philip concluded his visit by leading prayers of remembrance in our outdoor prayer space and remembrance garden with the staff. 

After his visit, he sent a lovely email through to school thanking us for our hard work to make the school the wonderful place it is. 

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"I have done countless school visits but have rarely enjoyed one quite as much as St Lawrence today. What an extraordinary job you are doing!

The school was visually stunning and such an enlivening and imaginative environment for education. I loved the Year 1 classroom! The Christian ethos is so natural and richly embedded - the Gospel just seems to be the air the children breathe. And the children were an absolute delight. I love it when schools manage to be both an orderly environment and a place where individual character can develop and flourish so that there is safe space for the mischievous and humorous as well as the perfectly behaved! It makes for an environment that educationally purposeful as well as happy.

Thanks SO MUCH for all that you are doing. The schools of this Diocese are absolute jewels, and your is an outstanding example of them."  Bishop Philip North


Our Values in Action

A big shout out to Louis. Louis was lucky enough to have the first ticket drawn in a raffle and was therefore the proud winner of the monster truck! He was delighted and offered to share it with his brother Alfie. Louis then noticed a little boy aged three across the room absolutely heartbroken and inconsolable because he wanted the monster truck and couldn’t understand why he couldn’t have it. Louis took it completely upon himself to go over to the little boy and give him the monster truck! In return, the little boys mum gave Louis a bottle of wine which she had won in the raffle which Louis then gave to mummy on his return home. 

We are all so proud of Louis’ kindness at 6years old. If only more people in our world were like him!

Kindness and generosity in action


Collaborative Mosaic

The children all took part in mosaic sessions, in their class bubles, to create this giant mosaic of our school motto. They helped to design the artwork and every tile was placed by a child at the school. "We chose a rainbow as a sign of the hope we have for the future" Joe Yr4

Mosaic 1 EYFS.JPG  Mosaic 2 EYFS.JPG

What a wonderful reminder to the children that we are Learning together, rooted in God.


Our school values murals

Values Mural 1.jpgValues Mural 2.jpgValues Mural 3.jpgValues Mural 5.jpg Values Mural 4.jpg 

Our school values murals were added to school in Summer 2021 by a very talented ex pupil who took his own understanding of each value and designed images that embody them. As Stanley has grown up discussing, exploring and celebrating these values throughout his primary school life, who better to design the murals for us? He then painted these original designs directly onto the fabric of the building to help us to remember the values we try to show through our actions every day. Thank you Stanley!


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Fellside team of churches, Year 5 joined in on the Fellside team's pilgrimage to St Hilda's church in Bilsborrow. This was part of a 5 day pilgrimage that saw members of the church community walk between the 5 parishes that make up our Fellside team. 

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Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 18.03.20.png


Live Nativity

At Christmas, members of the community came to school to take the children on a walk through the Nativity story. First we met an excited reporter who had heard there was a very special baby about to be born. With speculation rife as to who this could be, we set off around the school grounds to investigate. We followed a donkey, met some shepherds and then finally found the stable where the baby had been born. While we were there we spoke to the people who came to worship at the baby's crib and met three wise travellers who brought gifts for the baby. 

Live nativity 1.JPG   Live nativity 2.JPG    Live nativity 3.JPG

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Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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