Worship and Values Committee

2020 - 21 Committee

We cannot yet have photographs together and our meetings are virtual, but we are doing are very best under the circumstances!  Here is a picture of our board in school :

We are currently writing letters to our link school in Utugi, Africa.  Our committee members also judged the recent God's Wonderful World Competition and the Easter Garden competition.  Mia has also designed the next poster for our Christian Value of 'Friendship' which will be seen around school.

2019 - 20 Committee

Our New Members : 

'I joined to show people what values are about and how to do them'  Francesca

' I wanted to be part of a group and to teach others to show respect.  I want to spread the word of the Lord'  Elizabeth

' I joined to show people how to be a good Christian and to build up my own confidence'  Edie

'I wanted to show people how Christians behave and to follow in my brother's footsteps in being part of the committee' Dahunsi

2018-19 Committee

'I wanted to be in the Worship and Values Committee because I like taking part in big things.'  Joel

'I wanted to be on this committee because I wanted to get closer to God.  I also wanted to do something to help people in school.'  Lucy

'I wanted to be in the committee because R.E. is one of my favourite subjects.  I want to show other people that R.E. can be fun to learn and can be very exciting.  You can learn R.E. in so many different ways and I want to help show others that.'   Millie

This committee is run by Ms. Loughran along with a Year 6 pupil RE leader and 8 further children from years 4-6.  This committee meets bi-weekly during lunch times and we undertake activities that can help the presence of RE in our school, give our pupils a voice and also collaborate with other schools in our local area.

Members of our committee expressed a keen interest to be involved in promoting the presence of God throughout school.  They are involved with many activities including facilitating whole school worship, assisting teachers during whole school RE activities, leading a lunchtime Bible club and being the face of Barton St.Lawrence when we link up with our partner school's Worship and Values Committee at St.Andrew's school.  The children also help to collect feedback from whole school teacher-led worship and look for examples of good practice around school in class RE areas or even in the way our children deal with each other in situations when they show respect, love, tolerance and care.

The Committee will meet again on 11th September where we will welcome 3 new members from Year 4 to join.  We will then set our agenda for the Autumn term 2019.


We have fantastic links with our community and take part in a lot of competitions both in and out of school.  Here is a selection of a few:


God's Wonderful World Competition

We had some lovely entries that really encapsulated how wonderful a world we live in.  Our Worship and Values Committee chose the winners.  Thank you to all children who entered.

First place : Daisy M. (Reception)

Our winner of God's Wonderful World competition; God's rainbow

Second Place : Isaac and Jonah C. (Year 3 and Reception)

Challoner 1.jpg

Third place : Zain and Yusuf M. (Year 6 and Year 1)

Mal 1.jpg

Here are some of the other entries for you to see. We think you will agree they are beautiful.

Eva's picture :


Lottie's picture :


Tilly's picture :


Pilgrim Pathways

This activity is ready for Lent and is aimed at KS2 children and produced by the Archbishop of York Youth Trust.  Pilgrim Pathways  has 6 weeks of content and will take pupils on a pilgrimage journey through Lent, looking at 6 different items that are important on a walking pilgrimage.  Each week will focus on a different item.  

Download the Pilgrim Pathways file at the bottom of this page.

Mrs Loughran would love to hear from pupils who are taking up this challenge so if they can get in touch using my email (a.loughran@st-lawrence.lancs.sch.uk) that would be great.  


Spirited Arts Competition
Here is Hannah's beautiful entry... well done Hannah.






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