The school Statement of Intent forms the basis of all that we do in our literacy lessons.  We learn together and we are rooted in God in all that we read and write.  Reading forms a large part of a child’s day and will be used across the curriculum. Children are also given many opportunities to apply their writing skills in cross curricular contexts. 

At Barton St Lawrence, we aim:
•    for children to become enthusiastic and motivated readers and writers
•    to develop children’s confidence in reading a wide variety of genres and text types
•    for children to have the skills to decode words in order to be able to read fluently with understanding of what they have read.

•    to encourage a love of literature and an enjoyment of reading for pleasure
•    to use reading to provoke thought within children
•    to give children a purpose, context and audience for their writing
•    to enable children to master the technique of constructing a well planned and exciting piece of writing

We have been awarded an 'Innovative Practice' Award for our teaching of Grammar.  We are very proud that the school has achieved this award.   

We have a whole-school approach to the teaching of spelling, following Letters and Sounds as a guide. Further details can be found in the Spelling and Phonics section of the website. Please follow this link to our Overview of Literacy Provision for more information on curriculum coverage in reading, writing, spelling and grammar. Each Key Stage also has its own page with downloadable documents outlining the statutory requirements for those year groups. 

Amazing Writing

Here are a few examples of amazing writing from across the school. We are so proud of the effort that has gone into these pieces of writing and the attention the children have shown to their presentation. 

Reception class - dinosaur sentence by Alice "That's not my dinosaur. It's too spiky" 

Alice dino sentence.JPG


Haadiyah in Year 5 has written some fantastic figurative language about a jungle setting.



Lucy in Year 5 showed off her writing skills in this piece about a jungle setting.

World Book Day 2022

This year World Book Day was a real hit. We combined the day with World Wildlife Day and themed our Book Day around animals and wildlife. We dressed up as our favourite book characters and completed a number of interactive activities. 

  • The children hunted the school for QR codes and scanned them using the iPads. When scanned, these codes linked to websites with information on a number of different animals. The children had to ready and understand the information to answer questions. An example of the questions we answered: what is heavier, the tongue of a blue whale or an elephant?
  • The children each made a Top Trumps card based on the character they were dressed up as. We then held Top Trumps battles in our classes focusing on our characters' most impressive attributes.
  • We had an amazing fact competition where the children brought in their most impressive wildlife fact to wow their peers. The classes then voted on the facts and winners were awarded prizes in assembly. 
  • World Book Day also saw the launch of our charity book collection. The Year 6 pupils are collecting books to be sold on to new homes with money raised funding local charities. 
  • Children were also encouraged to think about their favourite books and authors and share these with their friends. They were given the opportunity to read an extract of their favourite book to a friend.


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Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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