Awards - Summer 1 - 2023/24

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You more than deserve the award for articulation. In maths, you are able to explain complex ideas with clarity and confidence and in relatable language. When others may struggle to ‘explain their reasoning’, you are always there to lend a hand by describing the problem in a way that your peers can understand. During guided reading sessions, Miss Hindle in particular, has noted how you are able to explain a range of new and complex vocabulary. This has helped us all to understand the texts more clearly. We are so proud of the confidence you show when articulating ideas to others. Well done!


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You are one of the quieter members of our class and it is sometimes difficult for you to speak out or answer questions. Over the last few weeks, you have steadily grown in confidence and will put your hand up to tell us things and have a go at answering questions when we are altogether on the carpet. This confidence has spread to other areas of school life and we can see you really starting to mature. You are trying more challenges and have started to really have a go at things on your own from sounding out words to making sure you have everything you need. Well done.




You have been given this award for your remarkable sportsmanship. You demonstrate exceptional talent when playing sports, often drawing fouls from opponents due to your skill and agility on the field. Despite facing numerous challenges and rough tackles, you exemplify forgiveness by swiftly getting back on your feet and resuming play without harbouring any ill feelings towards your classmates. Your ability to forgive and forget in the heat of competition sets you apart as a true role model for your peers. Your unwavering commitment to sportsmanship not only showcases your maturity but also inspires those around you to uphold similar values. 




As we come to the final stretch of the year at school, supplies tend to run sparse. Everyone is scrambling for the last pencils, pens, glue sticks etc. Without any hassle, arguments or reluctance, you have always been the first to offer spare equipment out to the class. It doesn’t matter on the lesson or what equipment people are looking for, you always - in your extremely calm manner, is Mr. Reliable in helping others in the class. Thank you for being so reliable in class and always showing Year 5 what it means to be a brilliant role model at displaying the school value of generosity!




Every morning you greet me at the door with your cheeky smile, always happy and excited for the day ahead. You contribute to class discussions with confidence and a smile on your face, embracing any challenges that come your way, with a real “can do” attitude! Your presence brightens up our classroom both figuratively and literally, with all of the wonderful, colourful creations you enjoy working on in the creative area. Your smile and attitude are infectious and it is a pleasure to have you in our class. Keep on being you.




You embody the essence of this accolade through your unique character and unwavering enthusiasm for embracing challenges. In our play rehearsals, you consistently demonstrate your exceptional individuality by being the first to volunteer for any activity, showcasing your fearlessness in expressing yourself in front of others. Your willingness to be authentic and true to yourself serves as an inspiration to others. Your remarkable individuality not only sets you apart but also enriches our school, fostering a culture of acceptance and self-expression within our community. You embrace your true self and encourage others to do the same.




You have been awarded the ‘Integrity’ value certificate because of the way you are a role-model for the rest of the class. Every day, you consistently set a good example to others by always doing the right thing. Your behaviour is exemplary, and even when others may be getting over-excited or struggling to stay on task, you are always there, doing the right thing and leading by example. When playing football at break-times, your ability to work as a team, show respect to the opposition and admit your team have fouled is admirable. You are a delight to have in class and I know that your peers look up to you as a friend that they can trust. Well done!




You are an absolute joy to have in class. Your infectious smile, cheeky grin and positive attitude towards school life makes you a very popular member of our class and a delight to be with. Every day, we look forward to one of your hilarious remarks or silly antics. You appear to be friends with everyone and I am sure that this is because of the joy you spread daily. Even when you are faced with a difficult challenge, or when I give you some constructive feedback, you always seem to be smiling and enjoying life. Watching you tackle a maths problem or write a wonderful story brings a smile to my face – you seem to love learning and in this way, you are able to spread happiness and joy to others. Thank you for bringing such a smile to our faces and spreading a positive attitude. Well done!




Your unwavering commitment to following your beliefs sets you apart as a true role model for your peers. You fearlessly uphold what you believe to be right and just, even in the face of adversity. Your moral compass is unwavering, and you do not shy away from standing up for what you believe in, regardless of the challenges you may encounter. Your dedication to principles of fairness and integrity is truly commendable. Your willingness to stay true to your beliefs, even when they may not align with popular opinion, showcase your strength of character. You are not swayed by external pressures and are capable of forging your own path - one you are comfortable with. Doing what is right is not always easy. Sometimes doing what is right may come with personal sacrifice. These do not dissuade you - you continue on with what is right regardless. Well done, your sense of justice should be commended.




You go out of your way each and every day to show kindness to everyone in class. You are very sensitive to other people’s feelings and are always there with a helping hand, kind word or arm round the shoulder to look after your friends. Your thoughtful nature is always on show. You even kindly brought two Easter eggs out of your collection to give to me and Miss Geraghty. You always make sure everyone is playing nicely with each other and that nobody is left out. Everyone in our class is lucky to have such a kind friend as you. Well done.



Since joining our school, you have demonstrated unparalleled strength in the face of adversity. Despite facing significant personal challenges on a daily basis, you tackle them with remarkable composure and determination. Your unwavering work ethic and ability to handle pressure without faltering are truly commendable. Your resilience is not only reflected in your academic achievements but also in your positive attitude and willingness to support your friends. You demonstrate the essence of perseverance and you serve as an inspiration to all who have the privilege of knowing you. I wholeheartedly believe that you are deserving of this award for your exceptional ability to persevere in the face of challenge. I have never seen you stumble or hesitate in your determination to succeed despite every obstacle placed in your way. We are all so proud of you.




You define the word service in so many ways and are a fitting recipient of this award. You are a great role model across school and always set the perfect example. You are kind, caring, considerate and are always willing to help everyone with a smile on your face. No task is ever too much and everything is completed to the best of your ability. You have such a drive and determination to want to do well in everything you do and this encourages and inspires others around you to want to do the same. You also represent the school in many different teams and always do so with great sportsmanship and often put others before yourself, if you know it will help the team. You are also an incredible class member and everybody can rely on you to help when they are stuck but also to be that smiling face when they are feeling down. You really are a great ambassador for the school and represent everything that we stand for in all that you do. Well done and keep being the incredible young boy that you are.



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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