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Mr McKnight

Welcome to Year 4

Our Class Teacher is Mr McKnight and our Teaching Assistant is Mr Ponde

If you would like to share any of your child's fantastic achievements with us, or you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email:

Despite the difficult year with school closures and bubbles, we've still managed to have lots of fun and produce some amazing work. We are so proud of all the children in year 4 this year and how far they've all come in such a short space of time. 

In English during the summer term, we've been looking at poems and concentrating on the topic of water. We initially performed the poems and then we had a go at writing some of our own using a particular Kenning structure which consists of short sentences and gives the reader a series of clues to guess what the author is talking about. See if you can guess what particular water souce these poems are about?  




In Science this year, we've learned so much and really started to adopt an independent approach to raising questions and find the answers in different ways. During the Spring term, when the children were at home, we concentrated on the digestive system and looking at different parts of the body and their function. Here are some of the examples of childrens' work from that time.  

AR digestive system.JPGJH digestive system.JPGDigestive system.JPG


We also carried out a Science investigation about tooth decay. This was an experiment which was obseved over time and looked at how different liquids can decay an egg. We chose an egg, as they have similar properties to a tooth. It was interesting to see how opinions changed on certain drinks once the experiment had finished and the severe damage that some drinks can cause. Here are some of the results. 

AP eggsperiment.JPGEJ eggsperiment.JPGAR egg experiment.JPG


During the second week back of summer term, In Maths we were looking at data and statistics and decided to use the beautiful weather to help with our lesson. We went outside on to the field and used all the resources we could find to design and create our own bar charts. It was amazing to see the team work involved and the children created this themselves from start to finish including collecting the data. 


In English this year, we've had some brilliant topics and covered many different areas of the curriculum but the stand out one so far has to be looking at chocolate. The children performed poems, created information booklets, designed the packaging and in the end got to create their own chocolate bars. 

AG - chocolate.jpgNP chocolate.jpgAR chocolate.JPGY4 chocolate.jpgMB chocolate.JPG



Remote education at St Lawrence CE Primary School

  • Every member of staff is still working full time in school.
  • Teachers and teaching assistants will be available throughout the day to answer any queries you or your child has about the work that has been set.
  • There is no difference between the work set in school and the work that is completed by pupils at home.
  • Literacy and Numeracy lessons taught in each class are shared via Zoom so that every child has contact with their teacher on a daily basis. Children joining by Zoom will be expected to join in with the learning in class.
  • Lessons will be shared via the class pages on the website and / or class dojo.
  • Children at home and in school will be set a personal project to work on alongside the formal teaching. This could be a history, science, art or DT project. Additional work will be set for other subjects.
  • Pupils will be encouraged to take part in PE activities from home.

In all subject areas, standards of teaching and learning will remain at the usual high standard. Pupils will be expected to submit work and teachers will mark and return it. Everyone at home and in school has worked incredibly hard throughout the Autumn Term to plug gaps in learning; pupils were making excellent progress. We do not want to let that slip! 

Homework will also be set every Wednesday to be completed for the following week. For the time being, the homework will be set online due to the circumstances we are in. Please check My Maths, Eduaction City and to see what tasks have been set. 

If additional homework needs to be set I will send that home.

Please can you make sure that your reading record is in school each day as this will be looked at and changed during guided reading sessions in class.  

Thank you

Extra resources to look at.

1) Please access your first lesson on Reading Plus (see letter sent home for details) This should be a daily activity as there are 5 tasks set each week. I will be keeping track of this to ensure that people are using it daily as it is a fantastic resource to use. 

2) L.O. To summarise events from more than 1 paragraph

Choose a book to read from the Oxford Owl website. You can find an book appropriate to the level of your child by using the 'filter by book band' button.

Summarize the book using a story map. Draw pictures to describe the key events and write a sentence to match.

Spelling and handwriting
Access the Year 3/4 spellings below and choose 5 words each day to find both the definition of and write the word in a sentence so that should be 10 sentences.

Children can also practice writing the 5 words in their neatest handwriting using the cursive technique. 

Please sign up to TES which is a free teaching resource it just requires an email address and download the link below. These can be completed daily as there is a number of tasks to be completed.

1) Learn the times table that you are currently working on. There are plenty of resources available on the following websites to help:

2) L.O. To tell the time to the nearest minute and in 12 and 24 hours.

Access the worksheet below and have a go at completing the questions.

Also try these worksheets that are a little more difficult


L.O - To convert time between 24hour and 12 hour clocks.

Here are some word problems that can also be completed after the first task:

Below is also a great board game that could be played for telling the time.

Things will also be added daily on My Maths so please log in to check what I have set for you.

Tasks will also be set on education city on a weekly basis. Passwords and logins can be found in the homework folder. 

Year 3/4 spellings

Online access to reading scheme books

Free access to Twinkl reading resources and comprehension tasks.

Take part in a writing masterclass

SPaG activities (passwords on the front of your homework folder)

Free English units, including plans and resources to work through

Free Grammar resources on Twinkl based around year 4 grammar expectations.

​​​​​​​Practice your times tables through the test or other games as we would in class.

Practise number bonds and times tables​​​​​​​

Tell the time

Lots of maths resources from the Lancashire Maths team

Free online tutorials and activities (you will need to use your password on the front of your homework folder to access this site)

Free resources based around place value that has been similar to what we have been doing in class.

Home Learning Pack
This resource pack includes plenty of resources for home learning

A fantastic website that lists ideas for family learning. Includes mathematics, spelling, and ideas for other subjects

A fantastic home learning pack that includes Maths, GPS, reading and other practical ideas

Online tutorials, activities, learn screens. Inlcudes Maths, English, spelling and other subjects

Free Geography information and lessons based around our Geography topic

Free Geography plans, resources and teaching packs

Computing - coding

Year 4 Multiplication Check
From 2020, every Year 4 pupil must take a statutory multiplication tables check. The Department for Education has produced an information leaflet for parents. This has been sent home with pupils and an e-copy is available on the following link: 

This is a fantastic opportunity for your child to practice as many times tables as possible and also complete the multiplication check on

This can also be an opportunity to consolidate learning in as many times tables as possible and children can create their own spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel (if possible) to keep tabs on their daily score.

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