School Value Awards

Throughout the year, we aim to recognise children’s outstanding contributions towards each of our school values. Each half-term, we have an awards ceremony, in which we present awards to eleven children who have been exceptional examples in one of these areas:













In addition, we also recognise a child from each class who has been nominated for the Christian value for the half-term.

Please take a look at our current recipients of our school value awards.


During our debate sessions, you have been able to show patience and wait for others to put forward their arguments. You can then successfully build on opposing points of view in order to put an argument forward together with examples to support his ideas. You have used phrases such as ‘with all due respect’ and ‘I appreciate your point, but…’. The articulation that you have shown in these debates has been both respectful and perceptive. Well done.



Throughout this year your confidence has grown and developed so much. You apply yourself so incredibly well to school every single day and no matter what the task, you always give everything 100%. You sometimes doubt yourself in certain subjects and scenarios but over recent months, you’ve shown amazing determination to step out of your comfort zone and show how you can achieve things with great success. In particular, your Maths work has developed so much and you can now confidently solve questions that you previously found difficult. Your methodical approach, attention to detail and your high standards are all contributing factors to your new found confidence.



It is a bold and difficult move to accept when you have made a mistake. You have demonstrated to us all that the first step towards forgiveness is accepting when we have done something wrong and being mature enough to admit to it. A game of football with your classmates got a little too physical but you were able to take responsibility, which meant the matter was dealt with quickly and you were forgiven straight away. 



For being one of the most generous and thoughtful children that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. You show your generosity in many ways but recently you have managed to raise more than £100 for Comic Relief. What a super achievement!



For bringing a breath of fresh air to our classroom! Your smile and happy, positive comments have been an absolute joy to see following lock down and your happiness shines out to all your friends. 



We are giving you the award for individuality because you have consistently stood out to both Mrs. Regan and I for always doing the right thing. You have a firm understanding of right and wrong. You refuse to participate in silly behaviour if you see it arise and you have always demonstrated that you have the integrity and maturity to walk away. We are so proud of you and the fine role model that you are.



We are giving you the award for integrity because throughout your time in Year 1, you have been a fantastic role model to all of the children in the class. You have a firm understanding of right and wrong and will always be found doing the right thing. You are always polite and helpful and are a pleasure to have in class.



This has been a long time coming. You are an absolute pleasure to have in class and I love your enthusiasm, happiness and joy each and every day. You always see the funny side of things and can join in subtle jokes very quickly. Your quick wit and keen eye in the classroom enables you to make the whole class enjoy their day even more and adds to the vibrancy that exists within the classroom. Your good cheer and vibrant happiness is exemplary.



When we made chocolate crispy nest cakes recently, you not only demonstrated kindness and generosity, but above all, an incredible sense of justice. You said that you only wanted to take a little scoop from the bowl for your cake case "so the other children can have plenty for their cakes too". Then when you saw that the other children had filled theirs, you asked really politely if you could have another scoop to fill up your cake case. What a fantastic demonstration of justice. 



Since the moment you entered this classroom, you showed a very kind and caring approach to other children and members of staff. You always think about what is best for other people and will go out of your way to help others and make them feel better about themselves. You also show kindness in the classroom and go above and beyond to help people with their work. Throughout the year, you’ve also shown random acts of kindness by bringing things in from home to put a smile on everybody’s face.



For the incredible resilience shown consistently throughout the lockdown period. You worked as hard as you could for as long as you could each and every day. You did so off your own desire to achieve great things and you set an example to others in doing so. Fantastic work.


Take a look at our previous winners too.


Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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