School Value Awards

This year was our 2nd Annual School Values Awards Ceremony. Since the creation of the awards two years ago, we have been witness to so many examples of children demonstrating our school values in one form or other. Each half-term, we have continued to recognise those children who have best displayed our school values each and every day. In July, we recognised those children who have made truly outstanding contributions to our school values. The Awards are as follows;

The Harry Clarke Articulation Award

The Nicki Detko Confidence Award






The Nicola Lamoury Award for Joy



The Stuart Bolton Resilience Award

The Service Award in honour of Julie Goodwin


Please take a look at the recipients of our School Value Awards.




Over the year, you have shown such incredible articulation in every way. You are able to explain complex ideas and concepts with clarity and confidence and in relatable language. This concise way of communicating has meant that your peers have been able to understand even the most difficult of new ideas. The class look up to you as a role model for language use and try to emulate your well-articulated ideas in their own way. In writing, your ability to choose and use a range of unusual vocabulary and employ it to have an effect on the reader, has been truly astounding. You are beginning to sound like a real author! Your ability to explain and infer the meaning of a range of words is outstanding and you have a truly unique ability to explain definitions during group Guided Reading sessions with real clarity. You are a real human dictionary! Well done, we are all so proud of you. 




You have come so far this year with your confidence and you have really developed into such a mature young girl. You are such a pleasure to have in class and always work to the best of your ability and beyond. At the start of the year, you were quite shy and sometimes struggled with certain aspects of school. What a transformation you have had and this is all credit to yourself, showing what a strong personality you have. You are such a bubbly young girl in class and take such pride in all of your work. You are also an amazing friend to others and are always offering to help. It really has been a pleasure to watch you grow this year and see you gain such confidence in all aspects of school. Keep up the hard work and do not stop smiling.




You only joined our school after Christmas. However, you have settled into school life quickly, becoming friends with everybody and it feels like you have always been with us. There was an incident part way through the year where two boys were being silly without realising and hurt your feelings. You showed your peers and the staff what true forgiveness looks like. You didn't bear a grudge; you simply accepted the apology and told the boys you forgave them. Most endearing of all, you gave the boys a hug.  You have set those expectations high and now other children are following your lead. Well done!




This award for generosity is truly deserved. You are one of the kindest little girls we have ever had the pleasure of teaching. Nothing is too much trouble for you. You will give your time to other children to help them when they are struggling. You will help them tidy up or even just to play with them. If you are ever given sweets, your first thought is to give them to your little brother. You would happily go without, so other children don't miss out. One example that has firmly stuck with us was at Christmas time. You had a selection of toy figures at home that you had collected. You brought them into school and made sure that each and every child in the class received a toy.  We are very proud of you, well done! 




From the moment you began your St. Lawrence journey, you have brought happiness and joy to all of those around you. You bring an infectious smile in to school with you every single day and look for ways to spread that positivity to others. It is a testament to your presence in school that staff who haven't even taught you, were well aware of the enthusiasm you bring in to our school. Please keep on smiling, the world needs the happiness you bring to everybody.




You are a credit to this school and a well deserving recipient of this award. From the minute you entered the classroom this year, you had a strong personality and were not afraid to voice your own opinions and make your own choices. You always take on board advice, but are not afraid to question things when you think they are wrong in such a respectful and considerate way. You always step out of your comfort zone and are not afraid to give anything a go, regardless if it goes well or not. Your confidence shines through each day and your individuality is reflective in your work and in particular the stories that you write. The Christmas carol service is still a stand out contribution that you made this year, and not being afraid to do something when others were afraid or felt embarrassed is a real credit to yourself. Knowing who you are and what you want is an incredible trait to have for somebody so young, so keep being you and always striving for the best.




Throughout your school journey, you have been known to be reliable, trustworthy and most of all, have integrity. You have gone through school being proud of knowing what is right and what is wrong and have always displayed your strong moral principles in all that you do. Your integrity has led to you being chosen as School Ambassador and you have continued to demonstrate your ability to do right by others. What a wonderful quality to have when representing our school. Your integrity also extends beyond the school environment. You have shown admirable honesty, trustworthiness and strength in upholding what you think is morally and ethically acceptable in other settings. Due to this, you have gained the respect of peers and adults alike who value your integrity. This has shaped you into a commendable young boy and will serve you well as you continue to develop in High School.  




The first thing we noticed about you as you started at our school was your beaming smile and positive outlook. This year, despite the nervousness of starting a new school year, you kept your peers and your teacher Mrs. Desai entertained each and every day. However, this has not been a singular occurrence. You have shown that you can see the positive in almost any situation by displaying your joyful nature but through that, bringing joy to others around you. You are playful, happy and kind in and around school and to all that you interact with. No matter what happens, you still find joy in small moments and it is what your peers and others love most about you. The joy and laughter you bring to school days and to others around you will surely be missed! Keep smiling!



Throughout your time at Barton St. Lawrence, you have become a role model for your friends and those in younger years. Your sense of justice, doing right by others and making sure fairness is shown in all aspects, has earned you the respect and trust from all. You are quick to come to the help of those who may need it, whether that is through sorting issues out at playtimes, playing the role of a peacemaker between peers or ensuring someone is treated with fairness and equality. Your sense of justice is a hugely commendable attribute for a child of your age. You demonstrate maturity and sense beyond your years and always stand up for the truth, even if it means sometimes admitting that you may have been in the wrong. It is not an easy thing to do but it is incredible feat that you have accomplished and you have demonstrated this throughout your time here. Well done! 




We often say "in a world where you can be anything, be kind" and no one has taken this to heart more than you. You truly are the embodiment of our value of kindness. Through your compassion, generosity and thoughtfulness, you make your friends feel cared about and loved every single day. You like to ensure that the children in the class are happy and, if ever you see any of your friends struggling with something, you will help them in any way you can. Nothing is ever too much trouble for you. If we need some more paper for the craft area, you will help us to get it. If someone is struggling with their maths work, you will try to help them. If someone has hurt themselves, you are there to cheer them up. You really do live your life with kindness in your heart. Our classroom is a happier and friendlier place for having you in it. We hope you continue to value others and see the power for good that you can be in the world throughout your life. You really will make a difference and already have in our class community. 




Over this last year, you have shown that you are most deserving of this award today.  We have seen you work exceptionally hard and grow in confidence as you get to grips with the Year 3 curriculum.  You are a role model for your peers and the school community in how to persevere when faced with something we might find challenging.  We are so proud of your determination to achieve your personal targets despite you finding difficulties along the way.  During our Geography trip to Brockholes, you supported your friends in helping them to overcome any fears they might have had, giving them encouraging words and leading the way in how to show determination when trying something new.  During the course of a school day, you willingly, and without being asked, help others who you can see might be lacking in confidence and help them to keep on going and this results in them feeling more positive.  You have achieved all of this whilst we completely understand that school can feel overwhelming for you and yet you put those feelings aside to continuously help others.  You are truly amazing!  We cannot wait to see how your resilience serves you well in the future.




The dedication and devotion you bring to our school have been second to none this year. Firstly, your attitudes and efforts in the classroom are impeccable. You are diligent, hard-working and take each day as it comes with an inquisitive mind and a smile on your face. However, that alone would not be enough to win this award. What is enough, is the service you show outside of the classroom to our school. A school is only as strong as the people within it, so we are all glad to have someone as determined as yourself looking for ways to push our school forward. The assemblies you and your friends have planned and delivered this year have been fantastic and insightful. You have even begun work in your new role as charities ambassador. On top of all this, you will get stuck in wherever needed, whether it be a sporting competition or drama, you are happy to turn your hand to anything and give it your maximum efforts. How lucky we all are to have you looking for ways to help us all during our time here. Congratulations on being named our very first winner of the Service Award in Honour of Julie Goodwin.



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