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Red Light, Green light - Squid Game

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You may have heard children playing a version of this game. Red Light, Green light is identical to a a game we may have all played on the playground, perhaps known as 'What's the time Mr Wolf?' or something similar. No harm at all.

However, the origins of the game are from the current trending Netflix show, Squid Game. In this show, contestants play childhood games in order to win money. However, there are very violent twists to all of the games. In the case of Red light, Green light, failing contestants are eliminated in violent and uncensored scenes. 

Please be aware that Squid Game carries a 15 age rating on Netflix and a common sense rating (collated from reviews on of 16+

Your child may have been exposed to the rules of this game through TikTok or ROBLOX, where videos or versions of the game are being adapted. Please be aware of the violent nature of the true game.

We are happy for this game to be played at school as long as the violent element of the game is omitted, which it is being at present. At it's core, it is a harmless playground game that is currently being skewed due to the trending Netflix show.

Read more about Squid Game here - 


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