Awards - Summer 1 - 2022/23



You joined our school at the start of this academic year and have worked tirelessly ever since to match our learning and standards.  Throughout the year, you have consistently worked at applying new and challenging vocabulary correctly. It is inspiring to hear you in using tricky words such as ‘integer’ or ‘operator’ confidently and correctly in lessons. You can use this vocabulary when explaining something to the class, helping a friend or asking me for help. It shows me how hard you have worked this year and I can’t wait to see what you achieve in Year 6!




It has been such a pleasure to teach you this year and see your confidence flourish. You have made fantastic academic progress as a result of your outstanding work ethic and bravery in tackling work you find challenging. You have put 100% effort into everything - in class, at home and in the wider school - we have been particularly impressed with how you put yourself forward for the House Captain role and have carried it out since, so confidently and maturely. Your hard work has empowered you with secure enough knowledge to be able to tackle all of the new learning in Year 6. It has been great to hear you contribute to discussion every lesson - in front of the whole class and with your learning partner. We are so proud of you as you have worked hard all year to develop a growth mindset, which has meant you have been willing to have a go at anything thrown at you with increased confidence.




We all do things that we wished we hadn’t. It is important to ask for forgiveness and say sorry when we have done something wrong. Last half-term, you have shown the strength of character to say sorry. Most importantly though, you have rewarded that forgiveness by striving each and every day to behave in the way we know and you know you can. We are very proud of you. Keep it up!




You demonstrate so many values each and every day but your kind hearted nature is something that truly stands out. You are such a kind and caring young boy who would do anything for your peers and the teachers around school. You have such incredible morals that you always go above and beyond to put others before yourself and always ensure that everybody feels happy and valued within school. You are also such a great friend to everybody in the classroom and have a fantastic way of helping people without being promoted. You do this with such a positive attitude and a willingness to want to help others succeed. The biggest act of generosity I have seen from you this year was during our recent Ventures trip to Hothersall Lodge. All the children were split up into different groups with other schools which for a lot of children was quite daunting. However, you took this in your stride and made everybody in your group feel included and treated them all as friends. In particular there was a young girl who was quite upset at being away from home and you went out of your way to reassure this girl on numerous occasions and support her through the activities with a great generous spirit. This was also noticed by other teachers who came to applaud your maturity and your kindness towards others without being asked. There needs to be more generosity in the world, so keep doing what you are doing.




You are such a delight to have in the classroom due to your constantly smiling face and happy character. You brighten up the room from the very first moment that children step foot into the classroom by welcoming them with a smile at the door. You are always eager and more than happy to help the teacher and other children with any task, even when it can be tedious! You are kind to everyone, which in turn, helps others to feel confident and joyful when working and playing. We really enjoy having you in the classroom. Please don’t stop smiling!




You have been given the Individuality award because you are not afraid to be yourself and be a little bit different. We enjoy the way that you quietly love what you love without thinking about judgement. You are unique and gifted in many different ways, and it has been a privilege to discover how you enjoy humbly taking the lead in your areas of strength and showing the way to others. You respect other children and adults in a way that ensures that all are included and made to feel special, no matter who they are. Thank you - for just being you!




You have had a fantastic year in the classroom and outside. Your talents and capabilities have always shone through. However, we do not become better people without pushing ourselves to do things we find challenging. Despite feeling intimidated, you made the courageous decision to audition for a part in the end of year production. I knew how much of a challenge this was for you and before your audition, you were petrified! However, courage and integrity can move us into a positive direction and we should never let our fear stop us from achieving our goals. You showed us this by smashing your audition. We are all so proud of the integrity you showed by stepping out of your comfort zone!




You come into the classroom with such a positive mindset every day; always bringing joy to the teachers and your classmates. Even when you find the work challenging, your positivity wins through as you keenly follow my feedback with a smile on your face, eager to please! Your cheeky laugh cannot fail to bring joy to those around you. Keep on smiling! 



You have shown more than once that you understand the importance of justice. During the last half term, you spoke out in order to make sure another child in class was treated fairly. You were actually upset for the other child as you could see the injustice that could be felt by another. Your friends and peers are lucky to have you on their side. It takes someone brave to stand up and speak out for others. 





Your immense kindness has been recognised by all in school. Your gentle, considerate and calm nature puts all of your classmates at ease and makes you a great friend to everyone. You always show sensitivity and empathy towards others’ feelings by never saying an unkind word to, or about, anyone. You really value your friendships and care for everyone - never wanting to fall out with others or hurt anyone’s feelings. Your ability to forgive and resolve situations quickly is a very noble quality which makes you a fantastic role model. This makes you extremely trustworthy and reliable. It is this, your fantastic sense of humour, unassuming nature and quiet self-assurance which makes us all feel very lucky to be your friend. 




This half-term, you have shown remarkable resilience to improve in every area of your learning. You have worked so hard to increase your confidence in Maths. You have worked incredibly hard to improve your phonics and writing and now enjoy writing stories and letters and all sorts. Recently, you wanted to learn how to ride your bike and with the help of Miss Geraghty you can now ride around at all speeds not crashing into anything! It has been amazing to see how your resilience has led to your increase in confidence and fearless attitude to ‘have a go.’ The next challenge you want to take on is learning how to box. We can’t wait to show you!!




You are an outstanding role model to your peers, as the value of service seems to come so naturally to you. At every opportunity you are eager to help and serve in the classroom, be it tidying up, taking away the toast tray, or putting a kind arm around your friend while you help them with work that they are struggling with. The will to serve runs through everything you do, and you are an asset to any classroom.  



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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