Awards - Summer 1 - 2021/22



Every day you amaze us with how well you can articulate your thoughts. There is no doubt that you love to talk. However, you always put a great deal of thought into what you are about to say. You never fail to impress us with you knowledge and considered views. You always make your classmates think and help us to see things from a different point of view. Keep being yourself and keep quenching your thirst for knowledge.




You have gone from strength to strength this year and have really grown in confidence in all aspects of school life. You are such a pleasure to have in class and always work to the best of your ability and beyond. You don’t always find things the easiest in class but you have such determination to improve in all subjects. Your writing and spellings in particular this year, have improved so much and this is through hard work and having a super attitude to learning and wanting to do the best you can. You have also adopted a very conscientious approach to your writing to include as many grammar elements as possible and in Maths to show a super understanding of different methods that we use. It really has been amazing to see you grow this year and I know you will carry on working just as hard in year 5 and continue to grow in confidence both academically and as a person.




This half-term, you have shown all of your classmates that the first step towards forgiveness is honesty. You have demonstrated a really mature ability to tell the truth in order to help clear up any misunderstandings. A few weeks back, there was a small mix up in class which caused some confusion. You realised that in order for this problem to be resolved, you needed to think clearly about what had happened. Once you were able to articulate the mix up to people, the problem was resolved quickly. In addition to this, you constructed a beautiful, handwritten note explaining what had happened and even bought with your own pocket money, a gift to say sorry. We are all very proud of you and have shown us all the true meaning of forgiveness.




You are generous each and every day and it is very clear to see that you will always go out of your way to help others. Not only are you a great friend and offer people help, you are an amazing big sister and always set examples of how to be an excellent role model. You also represent amazing generosity in the classroom and offer help to both peers and teachers. However, the most stand out part of your generosity came when you raised over £15,000 for the orphans of Palestine after doing a sponsored 5 mile walk. This is a remarkable achievement and this is an incredible amount of money raised. All of the people who are receiving this will be very grateful and very proud of your efforts.




We are giving you the award for happiness due to the infectious happiness and warmth you spread throughout the class on a daily basis. You ALWAYS come into school with a huge smile on your face and a spring in your step. You tackle every subject with enthusiasm and encourage your peers to do the same. You are the perfect ambassador for happiness. Well done!




For the unique blend of fun and sense of humour you bring to our classroom every day. You are unashamedly yourself and are always putting a smile on the faces of those around you. You are a great personality to teach and I am sure a fantastic personality to call a friend too. 




We are giving you the award for integrity due to your diligent, caring and compassionate nature.  It has been a pleasure to watch you grow during your time in Year 1. There isn't anything that is too much trouble for you, you are the first to help your friends, you are always offering to help the staff and you have a strong understanding of right and wrong and will always do the right thing. Well done!




The sense of joy and wonder you bring in to school is infectious. You are enthused by each and every challenge you undertake and transfer your enthusiasm into your work and your class contributions. You enter our classroom every day with a smile on your face and handle what comes your way just the same.



Throughout your time in school, you have always been a reliable, trusted and valued pupil. You treat peers and teachers with utmost respect and have their best interests at the forefront of all that you do. Your genuine concern and respect towards others brings peace to all around you and this also transcends into the sense of justice you strive to achieve within yourself and for others. You are quick to identify wrongdoings and take it upon yourself to ensure things are put right. Your sense of justice and willingness to treat others fairly doesn't just occur in the classroom with your own peers, but is also evident when you interact with others around school, which only contributes more to your commendable character. You truly are a wonderful role model for our school. Well done! 




You are very kind natured. You care for the children in our class and like to include everyone in your games. You always make sure that the children in our class are happy and enjoying the day. You share the resources well with others and have reassuring words for your friends when they are finding activities tricky. In phonics we were writing sentences and some of the children had forgotten which word came next. You reminded them what the word was and then said "I will wait for you and we can write the rest together" to one of your friends. You are a very kind person and should be very proud of that!




You have shown so much resilience and determination since starting Year 3 when things became a little overwhelming and scary for you. You have an exemplary 'I can do this' attitude towards everything you do in school, whether this be sports, classwork or simply coming to school. On our school trip, your resilience and perseverance really shone through and your brilliance enabled you to support other children in the class who were fearful on the adventure playground equipment. Whenever you find something difficult, you always work extremely hard to make sure that you achieve your goals and make amazing progress. We are so proud of your superb attitude even when things are difficult for you and we know that this will continue as you move on into Year 4. Well done, you truly deserve this award.




We are giving you the award for service because of the many hours during your time in Year 1 that you have given to tidying the classroom. Even after all of the children have finished tidying up, you will remain checking each area and ensuring it is spotless. We often have to tell you that you don't need to tidy up anymore. We are in no doubt that you are also as conscientious about tidying up at home. Well done!



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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