Awards - Spring 2 - 2022/23




You may only have joined the school in January, but have settled into Barton life and our class quickly. It did not take long at all for us to see how articulate you truly are; from the incredibly rich vocabulary you use when speaking, to your conviction in the answers that you give on the carpet. You are a role model to other members of the class, who look up to your mature nature and articulate ways of communicating. You give answers with depth and clarity, which are a pleasure to both listen to and read, but also relish the challenge of searching for a more adventurous word when asked. In your writing, you are trusting your instincts more and more freely, so that your spoken vocabulary is mirrored in your written work. Stay confident in this and you will continue to flourish!  




You have been awarded the award for confidence because of your incredible enthusiasm and your quiet belief in yourself, your abilities and your own potential. Your unswerving happiness and confidence is a delight to see; you are always ready to join in class discussions with a smile, lead a group, making sure that everybody contributes or tell us humorous stories about your weekend. You are not afraid to be who you are and say what you feel and that is why we all think you are just great! Please continue to share your confident smiles and energy and continue just being ‘you’.


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This half-term, you have been an excellent role model to the rest of the class in terms of forgiveness. You recognise that the first step towards forgiveness is being able to say sorry for something we have done wrong. Recently, the whole class didn’t quite meet my expectations in terms of their behaviour. After a talk with the class, you were the very first person to say sorry. You did this with strong conviction and a loud, clear voice, showing the rest of the class the way. This enabled the matter to be dealt with promptly. I was very proud of you for this and I’m sure you will continue to lead the way in the future by setting a great example.




You have such a kind and generous spirit. Throughout your time in Year 2, you have always been an incredibly observant member of the class and always go out of your way to make people feel loved and cared for. When it was Ovi the alien’s birthday party last half-term, you were the first person to make her gifts and cards, which then prompted the others to do so. Whenever there is a special occasion, you always mark it with your generosity, whether that’s a handmade Easter card for your teachers or a little gift to cheer your friends up, You always demonstrate that caring side to your character. We are very proud of your generosity.




You greet me every morning with the biggest smile, which you give to everyone in class too. You enjoy nearly everything we do and never makes a fuss but gives it your best with your sunshine smile. You are a delight to have in class. Keep making the world a nicer place - your smile could make it round the world. 




You show individuality in so many ways and are not afraid to be different to others and make your own choices. You always make your own decisions with such decisiveness and are never influenced by others, which is a fantastic trait to have for somebody so young. Your personality really comes to light everyday and you always enter the classroom with a smile on your face, a spring in your step and always ready to learn.  You also have an incredible sense of humour and are always willing to make people laugh at every opportunity or cheer them up when they are feeling down. You really are a great friend to others in your class and always go above and beyond to express your gratitude to your staff and peers. You also show such great morals, respect and integrity in and around school. Keep being you and keep bringing the positivity and individuality you do every day because you’re a pleasure to teach and have in class.


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You demonstrate your integrity every single day. You always try to ensure you are doing the right thing at the right time. If anybody in class needs help with their work or encouragement to try something new, you go out of your way to lend a helping hand or provide a listening ear. You are such a kind and caring friend and the other children in class hold you in the highest regard as you can always be trusted to set the best example. You are a super role model to everyone and I know you will continue to be like this as you get older. Well done.




You can find the joy in so much that we do. You have a super sense of humour, which you share with us all. I can often hear you giggling and finding joy in the different activities which we do in class. Your joy spreads to others, helping them to find fun and laughter too. (Unless it's football - that's very serious business!)




You have a strong sense of justice and are always eager to let us know if things do not seem right or fair. You are an outstanding role model to the rest of the class, demonstrating super behaviour at all times and you can be depended on to keep the rest of your table in line while working. You understand that without justice, the games that we play and the activities that we do cannot work and you will let us know if someone has missed a turn or has been left out. Well done and keep being the fabulous courageous advocate that you are! 



You are an incredibly kind and caring person. For someone so young, you are incredibly observant and can always spot when someone might need cheering up. You are always ready to provide a loving arm round the shoulder, a warm compliment or even one of your amazing big hugs. You have an incredible knack for making someone feel better exactly when they need it, whether that’s one of her friends or even one of her teachers. We are so lucky to have you at our school and all of Year 2 will agree, we are so lucky to have you in our class. We are all so very proud of you.




You have earned the award for resilience because of the tenacity you have shown throughout Year 6 and particularly recently when preparing to sit your SATs. It has been such a pleasure to see your academic confidence and self-esteem flourish. This has been down to the sheer hard work and determination you apply to all of your work. You never give up, even when you find some of the tricky Year 6 concepts particularly challenging. You are a role model to all as you show how anything can be learned when a positive mindset and a willingness to learn from mistakes is applied. You have made phenomenal progress because of the resilience you have shown. We are so proud of you!




You show exemplary service to our school and demonstrate our school values in all areas of your life. You are a hardworking student in the classroom and a talented athlete, who represents our school in numerous sporting competitions. You consistently demonstrate respect, integrity and enthusiasm in all that you do. You are a role model to your peers, always willing to lend a helping hand and encouraging your classmates to do their best. You have a passion for excellence in all your pursuits and you never hesitate to put in the extra effort to get the job done. You are a true ambassador of our school and a shining example of what we can achieve with determination.



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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