Awards - Spring 2 - 2021/22




Before half-term, we had a very important assembly where visitors came in from another school to observe. Towards the end, I asked for someone to be brave and come out to say a prayer about truthfulness. You courageously stepped out to the front and before everybody amazed us with your caring, wonderful and articulate prayer. Everyone was amazed by how you confidently came up with your prayer on the spot. You truly demonstrated what a thoughtful, articulate and amazing boy you are. Well done. We are all very proud of you.




For your positive and ‘can do’ attitude that you showed whilst we were away on our residential trip to Tower Wood. You tried your best in every activity, even if you were feeling a little nervous! The confidence that you had to give anything a go, gave others the confidence to follow in your footsteps. You were a fantastic role model for others (including myself at times!) that needed that boost to have a go! I hope you left Tower Wood feeling really proud of all the challenges that you overcame and achieved. This confidence that you portrayed, especially came into light during our most challenging activity – caving! Even if one of the routes was going to be through a very tight cave and you were worried, you still said yes to it! Well done, it was lovely to see you coming out of your shell and showing great confidence in your abilities. I hope this new found confidence continues and you can apply it in other tricky situations also!




We are awarding you the value of Forgiveness in Year 1. Two boys became a little silly one day and didn't realise they were upsetting you. You came to tell us and we were able to deal with it straight away. The boys didn't realise they were being silly and apologised. We watched you graciously accept the apology and then gave each of the boys a hug. We thought this was a very kind gesture and demonstrated great forgiveness. Well done.




For the generosity you show each and every day around our school. Whenever there is an opportunity to help someone out, you are not far behind. You are so aware of the needs of other those around you and are generous with your time, your possessions and even the opportunities presented to you.


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You are always a happy presence in class, but have demonstrated the value of happiness more so in recent weeks. A few days before Year 6 were due to leave for their trip to Tower Wood, you unfortunately broke your wrist, which resulted in you not being able to come to Tower Wood. Despite how upset or disheartened you may have felt, you never showed your disappointment, rather, remained upbeat and happy for your classmates. You came to school with a smile on your face and remained positive about coming to visit your friends at Tower Wood. Your happiness and positivity has really shone through and you have set a great example to others.




You have been the life and soul of the classroom ever since you started Year 3 in September. Your incredible, unique and vibrant personality shines out and brings us laughter and joy every day. You are always confident to be the real you and we all hope that you never change as you are amazing just the way you are. 




You show great integrity on a daily basis in school. You know right from wrong and aren’t afraid to do the right thing, even when that is difficult. You own up to your mistakes and forgive others for their mistakes. You try hard to be a good person and help others do the same thing. When you accidentally broke one of our necklaces in the home corner, you came to tell me straight away. You didn't try to hide what had happened and that allowed me to fix the necklace straight away with no harm done. I am so proud of the person you are growing into and you should be too!




You have shown the value of Joy admirably this term. In class, you always find a way to see the positive and joyful side to a difficult situation. A few weeks ago, you fractured your wrist shortly before the trip to Tower Wood. Despite not being able to attend, you remained joyful and found joy in other activities you had planned for the week you would be at home. You came in to school with a positive mindset and didn’t allow yourself to feel disheartened at the prospect of missing out. Your ability to find joy in a somewhat bleak and unexpected situation is a wonderful personal quality to have. Well done.




You not only show justice on a daily basis, but represent many of the school values due to your respect for the school and everyone around you. You aren’t always the loudest person in the room, but you are always someone that you can truly rely on and know that you will genuinely want to help no matter what the situation. You always go above and beyond to help others within the classroom and on the playground and are a true friend to your peers. You have a calm presence that also allow you to resolve situations that may escalate, in a positive and sensible manner, which also shows how mature you are at such a young age. You also have a great sense of justice and fairness and this is evident for all to see each and every day. Well done and keep being the amazing young boy that you are. 




I am always amazed by the small and big acts of kindness you show each day to your classmates. Whether it’s something small like lending someone your rubber or pencil or something big like when your friends are upset or feeling left out, you always go out of your way to check they are OK and always try to cheer them up. Your classmates are lucky to have someone as kind as you in their class. Well done.




You embody the resilience we hope to instil over your years at Barton St. Lawrence. You might not be the loudest voice in the classroom when it comes to new challenges, but you are often one of the first to get stuck in and one of the last to falter in the determination you show. Keep giving 100% to everything. You always give it all you've got.


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For the dedication you always show to help others (particularly members of staff) around school. There is never a job that you won’t say yes to and because of this, you really help Mrs. Desai and I out on a daily basis. The positive attitude you have to serving others really came into light whilst we were away on our residential trip to Tower Wood. The presence and dedication you had to making sure everyone in your team was OK was outstanding and highly mature for someone of your age. It was like having another team leader! A great example of this which stands out for me, was when we went caving. You were chosen to be our ‘back man’ in our line as we travelled throughout the caves because we knew the effort you would put in to making sure everyone was OK and provide support to those when necessary. I will never forget when I was struggling to get out of the cave and you grabbed my foot and lifted me out! Well done, it is lovely to see the supportive, helpful and mature young man that you are becoming.



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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