Awards - Spring 1 - 2022/23



You are a wonderful representative of our class and speak beautifully to any visitors who come in. We recently went on a hunt around the school looking for different hats. In each class we visited, you apologised to the class teacher for interrupting and explained what we were doing. You speak clearly and thoughtfully, explaining your ideas and opinions with great articulation. Well done – we are very proud of you.




Your confidence has grown tremendously over the last few months. Your voice is now heard in class as you join in with class discussions, being more eager to share your ideas and knowledge. You are now showing your full potential - your developed confidence has allowed you to complete tasks with speed and to the same exacting standard. You have always presented your work beautifully and worked diligently; but now that you feel more sure of yourself and your abilities, you are really able to prove what you are capable of. Your positive mindset and drive to succeed has allowed you to make huge leaps in progress and exceed your targets. Well done - keep it up and I am sure you will have every success this year and beyond!




For the incredible amount of forgiveness you have shown to your classmates who have sometimes not considered your feelings. You have demonstrated a huge level of maturity and understanding and you are an example to us all. Your ability to forgive and move on has shown that you truly care about your classmates and the relationships you have with them. You have been able to put aside any feelings of hurt or resentment that you may have had and focus on the positive aspects of any situation. You have demonstrated a level of kindness and consideration that should be praised and admired.




You have such a kind and generous spirit. You continually give up your time to offer help and assistance to all of your friends. There have been countless times when you have kindly helped  a friend with their work or helped a friend in need when they have hurt themselves. You even managed to help out the whole class recently, when I had to dash out of the room. You confidently stepped up and led the Maths lesson. The other children loved it. Well done – keep showing that generous spirit.




Since you started in year 4, you have really been a breath of fresh air and always enter the classroom with a spring in your step and ready to learn. You are always the first one on task and this is done with such a passion for learning. Your happiness is evident throughout the day and you are always willing to contribute to class discussions and take part at any opportunity. You also have a fantastic sense of humour and always offer a witty comment or a rather funny joke. You have become much more confident and are starting to have so much more faith in your own ability. You also take such pride in your work and have really developed your handwriting recently and your stories always contain such detail and great humour. You really are a very happy young boy, keep being you and keep up the hard work because you are doing a fantastic job.




You truly exemplify the school value of ‘Individuality’. Your unique nature shines through especially in your writing. Your stories never follow an expected path and never fail to surprise me but they are always beautifully articulated. You are a quiet and humble little girl and this calm, yet happy-go-lucky approach to school life makes you truly exceptional. You are always keen to take care and play with younger children but you do this in a way that is very distinctive to you. Thank you for just being you.




You always demonstrate a huge level of integrity each and every day. You listen intently in every single lesson, knowing the importance of concentration. You give your best in every activity and show such enthusiasm to learn new things. You always aim to do the right thing in both work and play. I love to see your beaming smile of pride, when you get an answer right. You should be proud of yourself because we are so very proud of you. I have no doubt you will continue to show your integrity in the years to come.




You always have a smile on your face and are a very happy young boy from the minute you walk in to school to the moment you leave. You have a real passion for learning and no task is too much for you. You love a challenge and are always willing to go the extra mile to achieve everything you can, even though sometimes it may be too fast. You particularly love your Maths and this is certainly where you feel you can work to the best of your ability. You are also a great friend to everybody in class and are always a helping hand both in the classroom and around school. You are always willing to put others first and do this with a smile on your face and this is a lovely trait to see. Don’t let that smile disappear and keep being the incredible person you are.   




You demonstrate super behaviour in class and are a great role model, knowing what is the right and wrong thing to do, and the right and wrong way to treat people. You are always ready to make sure everyone is treated fairly, letting grown-ups know if another child is left out or has maybe missed a turn on something. You treat your friends fairly and help to make sure that everyone keeps the rules. Well done. 




You are so kind and considerate. You work hard every day to ensure that the classroom is running smoothly. Since I have been pregnant, you have been trying to notice things you can do to help. You always offer to take the toast tray back to the kitchen, to give out the books, to put things away for me and even to carry things for me. It is lovely to have someone taking such care of me and making sure that all of the little jobs get done. You are not only kind to the adults in the class, but also to your friends in class. You look after children when they are hurt, you go out of your way to return belongings to their owners and make sure people have remembered to put their names on their work. What a kind and considerate person you are growing into! Keep it up.




You have shown incredible resilience this half-term. You have recently been fitted with hearing aids and have had to teach us how to use them and check them properly. You were so brave when you went to the hospital to be fitted with your hearing aids and all of the appointments you have had to make sure they are working properly. You have taken to your new devices brilliantly and have gained lots of confidence since being able to hear your teachers and friends more clearly. We are very proud you. Well done. 




You have shown an incredible level of service to our school. You have consistently been sensible, reliable and willing to take part in various events and activities around the school. Your sense of responsibility is exemplary and your willingness to help out in any way you can, is admirable. You are always the first to volunteer for tasks and you are always willing to lend a helping hand – even after school! You are a role model to your peers and you set an example of how we should all strive to be.



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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