Awards - Spring 1 - 2021/22



For being incredibly articulate in every way. You express yourself clearly in a way that is easy to understand yet is precise and thoughtful. Your writing is beautifully eloquent and vividly expressive. This is mirrored in your conversational skills. You often provide model answers in class and are able to expand on ideas with clarity. Well done.




You have really developed into a mature young girl who has quietly become more confident as the year has gone on. You try extremely hard in school every day and always go above and beyond to improve and impress. You have also developed more resilience this year which has allowed you to become more confident and have much more faith in your own ability in all aspects of school but in particular your maths work. It really has been amazing to see you grow so far this year and you are thoroughly deserving of this award and I hope your new found confidence keeps you striving to achieve everything you can at school.




You have such strong friendships with your friends that you are able to forgive one another when you make mistakes. One day last half-term, you had spent a while building a huge ship model from the wooden blocks. You had thought very carefully about how to make it have a mast and a bow. Unfortunately, one of your friends accidentally knocked the mast down which made other parts of the boat break. You were very upset. But you forgave your friend quickly and you worked together to build an even better boat model. You really are a forgiving person.




You have spent years selflessly growing your own hair in order to be able to cut it off and donate to charity so that children in need can benefit. In addition, you have been raising funds to support the cause and have raised awareness of those in need. Your generosity is not limited to this particular act however, you always demonstrate a kind, understanding and giving nature to your friends and those around you. Well done.




You consistently bring a ray of sunshine in to our classroom every single day. Your positive outlook and cheeky smile are enough to brighten anyone’s day. 




You never shy away from being yourself. Your unique personality and sense of fun, shine through each and every day. No matter what the situation, you are true to yourself, whether that’s in the work you do, the games you play or even in your unique packed lunches. Keep being proud of who you are, because we are very proud of you.




We have given you the award for Integrity in Year 1 because of the way you consistently show us what a super role model you are. You always put in one hundred percent effort into any task you undertake, and your behaviour is always impeccable. You are a shining example to the children in Year 1. Well done!




We have given you the award for Joy in Year 1. You are the happiest little girl and will always come into class in the morning with the biggest smile on your face. There isn't a task that you won't complete without enthusiasm and with your best effort. You are a joy to have in Year 1. Well done! 




Throughout your time in Year 6, you have demonstrated an admirable sense of Justice. Your determination and willingness to do right by others has not gone unnoticed. Being able to determine between what is fair and making a conscious effort to ensure that you put the needs of others before your own, has earned you respect and gratitude from others. On multiple occasions, including writing to the Prime Minister, you have felt strongly that your peers should be treated more favourably or equally, even if it does not benefit you. This concern and respect you have for others, as well as possessing the qualities of being fair and reasonable makes you a role model for others in school. Well done and keep being the wonderful role model that you are!




You have a very kind soul. You think about other people's feelings and how they will be affected by your actions. You use wonderful manners and try hard to be helpful however you can. You are considerate and often ask the staff in our class if we have had a nice weekend when you come into school on a Monday morning. You will give other children a turn with the toys you are playing with without an adult having to remind you or ask. For someone so young, you show exceptional kindness.


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You have become a big brother and this is a role you take very seriously. Unfortunately, when your little sister was born, you couldn't see her for a while because she was staying in the hospital. You were concerned for your sister and your Mummy and often talked about them and how excited you were for your baby to come home so you could cuddle her. We were all very impressed with how hard you continued to work and concentrate through the school days when you were wishing you could get started in your new role as a big brother. It showed great resilience. Well done.




We have given you the award for Service because of your constant effort to always help others. You will offer your help to anyone that needs it, whether it be a child in need of help or an adult needing help to hand out the homework. You have consistently shown that you are reliable and mature and are a super asset to Year 1. Well done!  



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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