Awards - Spring 1 - 2019/20


For the articulation shown in class at all times. You are able to clearly explain what you are trying to say, and you can quickly grasp the meaning of new terminology by then applying it in your written or spoken explanations.



You are really starting to grow into a confident young boy. You have shown and demonstrated huge levels of confidence over recent months both in the classroom and around school. You regularly demonstrate this confidence within your class work, contributing to class discussions and leading groups through different tasks. 



You understand forgiveness and when your friend says sorry you always give them another chance. You set a good example of how we can all forgive.



An appeal was made to the Year 6 class for any old Christmas decorations as the ones Ms. Loughran had in class were extremely tattered. Generously, you and your family stepped forward to buy a brand new, class Christmas tree along with beautiful decorations. Very generous and very much appreciated. 



For the happiness that you exude at all times. Whatever a school day has to throw at you, you always take it in your stride and face each new challenge with a great big grin. Your positivity is inspiring and is a gift that you spread to all those you speak to. 



You have no fear in being yourself. You thrived during the nativity play when the spotlight was on you and your solo dance wowed the audience. A star by name and star by nature. 



You have shown integrity in class this half-term. You have been faced with a couple of situations that required honesty and integrity and in both instances, you made honest choices proving you have a high level of integrity which will serve you well through life.



You come into school each day with a smile on your face. You spread joy and happiness to everyone in school with your cheerful nature.



You know right from wrong and can make good choices which helps to set a good example to everybody else in your class.



You have an amazing ability to spot when someone needs help. Whether it’s a member of staff who has dropped something or a friend who needs help getting dressed after P.E., you are always there to lend a hand. You are such a kind and caring boy.



You have been given this award because of the resilience you have shown during the half-term. Your dad, following an illness, developed epilepsy and as a result often suffers seizures and needs to be rushed to hospital. You take this in your stride and always come to school with a smile on your face and a spring in your step despite the difficult time. In addition to this, you also suffer from severe migraines. You cope with this by realising that when a migraine occurs, you need to go to sleep until it passes. We are very proud of the resilience you have shown in Year 1.


Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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