Awards - Autumn 2 - 2022/23




Congratulations on winning the articulation award for your outstanding use of new and challenging vocabulary in your writing. Your ability to masterfully incorporate challenging words into your pieces is truly impressive and a testament to your dedication to your work. Your command of language is not only impressive, but it also enriches the reading experience for your audience, allowing them to learn and expand their own vocabulary as they engage with your work. Thank you for your contributions to the world of writing and for setting a high bar for others to aspire to. Keep up the excellent work!




Since September, you have grown in confidence in such an amazing way. You are naturally a quiet member of the class who is sometimes reluctant to put your hand up. However, this did not stop you when it came to the nativity play. Without fear, you boldly shouted out your lines for everyone to hear. Not only this, you put on a show with your amazing dancing – not worried about all the eyes staring at you. I am very proud of how your confidence is developing. Keep it up!




This year you have had to show real kindness and compassion towards your fellow classmates. When you were hurt, you chose forgiveness over bitterness and by doing so, you opened up a pathway for a new beginning. I am so proud of the way you chose to continue loving those around you, even when it became difficult. The forgiveness you showed really highlighted your strong and brave attitude towards life. Well done. 




You have a kind and generous soul. You like to ensure that all of your friends are taken care of and that they are happy throughout the day. Whenever we discuss people being less fortunate or struggling through hard times, you have ideas for ways in which we can support and help them. One example of your generosity came at the beginning of December. You arranged a special surprise with your Dad for Christmas time. Worried that your friends might not have a chocolate advent calendar to use, you asked your parents if you could give one to each of your friends. You came in a few days later with advent calendars for everyone. This was such a wonderful gesture and really made all of the children very happy. Keep thinking of others and helping the world be a kinder and more generous place. Well done.



Not a day goes by when you don’t bound through the classroom door with a huge beaming smile on your face. That smile brightens up everyone’s day. Just before Christmas, you had an allergic reaction at home and were not able to join in fully with our Winter Wonderland, when we got to meet the reindeers. That didn’t bother you in the slightest though, and you watched on from a distance with Miss Geraghty smiling and laughing all the way through. Never change – you make all of our days happier!



You deserve the award for Individuality because you are an absolute pleasure to have in our class, and our school because of your bubbly personality and quirky humour. You are never afraid to be yourself and speak your mind in class discussions. You are clearly a deep thinker, with an immense amount of empathy for others. It is this, and the resilience and maturity you have developed that gives you the confidence to let your light shine. You are admired by your peers and very much valued in our class - never lose your quirky sense of fun.




You deserve the award for Integrity as you never fail to do what you feel is morally right. If you can see when someone is breaking rules or being unkind you always bravely do the right thing by telling a member of staff. You consistently lead by example in your behaviour and your work ethic which makes you a model Year 6 pupil, setting a high standard in school for younger children and your peers to aspire to. Your goodness shines in all areas of school - you are such a kind and thoughtful friend, who is respected by everyone for your unwavering integrity and truthfulness. Well done - we are so proud of the person you are.



You are one of the most joyful children. You take great delight in every activity, and joyfully share your achievements with others. Your joy is evident in the sound of your little giggle, which we hear often in class. You share jokes with us and share the joy of other children when they do well or share things with us. You are a joy to have in class - working very hard and having fun. 




You have always showed a strong sense of justice throughout Year 3. This was particularly evident recently when you took it upon yourself to make our class a better one for all. You have quickly realised that without justice, we cannot have peace and you have been instrumental in keeping a wonderful sense of harmony and friendship alive in our classroom. Thank you, for the work that you have done, we are all very proud.




Your kind, calm and patient nature makes you a very-much valued member of our class team. You show maturity beyond your years in the way in which you are willing to adapt and work as a team with anyone, even if it is not one of your close friends. When we went bowling for the Christmas party, the children were able to choose their own teams. One child from another team wanted to move groups, and you selflessly volunteered to swap, even though it would mean you not being with your close friends. You did this because you wanted everyone to be able to enjoy their Christmas party, which is just one example of the many acts of kindness we see you display daily: from apologising straight away when accidentally hurting someone on the playground, to recognising and complimenting your peers on their achievements. Your kind soul has been rewarded with some very strong friendships, which I think you will maintain long after your end of Primary School.




This individual shows a willingness to try their best every day and always enters the classroom with such a happy and positive attitude. They give 100% in all subjects and always look for ways to improve which is a fantastic trait to have. They don’t always find Maths easy but this doesn’t stop them from giving everything a go and having a never give up attitude. They are currently trying so hard to improve their times tables and work on this daily. Finally, their attitude to learning, sheer resilience and never wanting to give up approach is a real credit to them and they have come such a long way in a short period of time in year 4. Well done and keep up this amazing hard work.




We are so grateful to have you in our class. Your kind and selfless actions towards your classmates has not gone unnoticed and we wanted to take a moment to recognise and thank you for your service. Your willingness to help others, whether it’s lending a listening ear or going out of your wat to offer a helping hand, has had a positive impact on all of us. You set a great example for us all to follow and we are lucky to have you as a member of our community. Thank you for your service and for being such a kind and compassionate person. You truly make a difference in the lives of those around you.



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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