Awards - Autumn 2 - 2021/22



For clearly explaining very tricky concepts to the rest of the class using clear and precise vocabulary that is easy to understand. Mr. Ponde and I have been particularly impressed with your ability to articulate scientific ideas to others. In addition to this, you always try to write in a very logical but often imaginative way. Well done!




You displayed enormous courage during the nativity performance to get up on stage in front of everybody and sing a duet. I know it was a huge thing for you. You conquered all of your fears and anxiety and showed everyone just what a great singer you are. We are all very proud of you.




For the forgiveness shown to your peers over the last half-term when the power of words and their impact may have been underestimated. You showed a strength of character to put this aside and move forward as friends. 




We have given you the award for Generosity for the countless number of times you have shown this value. You are generous in so many ways but one example that stands out is when you brought in your own toy figures from home that you had collected and made sure that every single child in the class received one. You consistently show generosity to others and thoroughly deserve this award. Well done!




Every single day, you come into class ready to work and have fun. You always display a positive attitude no matter what. You can always be relied upon to provide all of your friends with a beaming, happy smile. Thank you for making all of our days brighter.




Your individuality shines in every aspect of school. You make your own decisions and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. You believe and voice your own opinions but also respect what others have to say, which shows your consideration and thoughtfulness. The main thing that did stand out for me and the other teachers last half-term was having faith in yourself to be the only boy to take part in the Christmas carol service. You attended every rehearsal, gave it 100% and weren't afraid of what others thought. You should be really proud of yourself and showing such maturity for a year 4 shows how much individuality you really have. Well done and don't stop being you. 




Throughout your school years you have always demonstrated and upheld yourself with integrity. You can be trusted and relied upon to do the right thing and are always honest and trustworthy in your behaviour and attitude. Your classmates respect you for your integrity and it has also not gone unnoticed by members of staff. By having such a wonderful set of strong moral principles, you can decide between what is right and wrong and this resonates with how you behave and interact with others in class and around school. Well done!



You see the joy in everything. You smile and giggle your way through the day. Not only are you joyful but you help others to find their joy too. You celebrate your friends' successes and help them to see the positive side to life. The classroom is a much brighter place with you in it. 




You can always be trusted to do the right thing. Every single day, you demonstrate how we should try to follow the rules and live by our school values. You are a great role model to the rest of the class, by guiding them and helping them to understand right from wrong. Well done!




Your kindness has been noted by all of the school community. So much so, that I recently received an email from a parent with this glowing tribute to you - You have really helped our son settle in school. You have took him under your wing and you always make sure he’s ok and look after him if he’s sad, we’re so grateful for you! Well done, we are all so proud of you – keep being the kind little boy that you are!


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For always showing true perseverance when you find something difficult. You have shown unbelievable resilience when trying to solve Maths problems that you have originally got incorrect. You often decide not to accept help - even when working on a question for more than 30 minutes! This determination to succeed and maturity to keep going is exemplary and is a real credit to you. Well done!




You have always been a kind and considerate member of our school community. Your selfless attitude makes you a popular member of your class and beyond. During your time at St Lawrence, you have organised and assisted with various fundraising activities, putting the needs of others before yourself. You are a good friend to your peers and look out for the younger members of our school family. You are also a good servant of God. You are heavily involved in your faith community, regularly attending services and events and getting involved in productions and shows at the Temple. You were keen to share your faith with the school community, writing and delivering a whole-school assembly on the Hindu Festival of Diwali.  Some may have been tempted to keep the limelight to themselves, but that is not your way and you made sure that your friends were also included. We are proud to have you as a member of our school community.



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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