Awards - Autumn 2 - 2020/21


For consistently providing the class (and me!) with clear and well thought out explanations of many different areas of learning. You are able to express yourself in a way that is easy for us all to understand yet is sufficiently detailed and in depth to help us all learn.



We are giving you the award for confidence, as we are so proud of how you have grown in confidence and character during your time in Year 1. You are always willing to give any task you undertake your best effort. Well done!



You are a fantastic friend to your classmates and understand that we all make mistakes sometimes. When another child hurt you at playtime, you didn't hesitate to forgive him and move past the incident with great maturity.



When it was someone’s birthday recently, they very kindly brought in sweets for the children to share. However, you noticed that some of the children in the class were unable to eat these sweets for religious reasons. You went away that night and bought sweets for all of those children. The next day, you brought them in and shared them out amongst the children that missed out the day before. That made those children so happy and they thanked you all for your amazing generosity.



For being such a pleasure to have in the classroom. Your radiant smile and delightful personality bring cheer and sunshine to us, even on the dullest of days. Thank you for always being so happy and brilliant. 



You are always showing your unique personality, quirkiness and sense of humour. You embrace your talents and never fear to be the odd one out. Well done on always being yourself and having such a sense of individuality. 



For the integrity shown in understanding that it is always better to be honest than to tell a lie.



We are giving you the award for 'Joy', because even if you find something difficult you will participate with enthusiasm and a smile on your face. Well done.



You have a strong sense of right and wrong. You are mature and understand and believe in second chances. You were very insistent that your friend had earned their playtime reward for good behaviour and move back onto the green traffic light. You made sure the teachers were aware of all of the good things you friend had been doing and how proud of them you were. 



Not for one simple act of kindness. Instead for a half-term full of kind actions only meant to make the days of others a little brighter.



This individual shows a willingness to try their best every day. They give 100% in all subjects and always look for ways to improve. They don’t always find everything easy but this doesn’t stop them from giving everything a go and having a never give up attitude. This has resulted in them flying through their times tables and this has really helped with their maths. They are currently trying so hard to improve their comprehension skills and work hard on this daily. Finally, their attitude to learning, sheer resilience and never wanting to give up approach is a real credit to them.



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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