Awards - Autumn 1 - 2022/23



You love to learn new words and have a fantastic vocabulary. You aren't afraid of using scientific vocabulary and know that it helps us to be more accurate. You have taught the class a number of new words - nocturnal, herbivore, odd number, even number and equator - to name just a few. You enjoy finding out the definitions of the words you have learnt so that you can explain them to others. When writing your own penguin poem before the October half term, you were able to use exciting vocabulary and even made your poem rhyme. Well done, keep up with your love of words!




You have made a fantastic start to life in year 4 and have really grown in confidence in such a short space of time. You are such a pleasure to have in class and always work to the best of your ability and beyond. The quality of the work that you produce is fantastic, and you always complete everything with such a conscientious approach. Your presentation is incredible in every single book and I often use your work as an example for others to see. You have also got a new found confidence to be more involved in whole class and group discussions. This is something that has been mentioned by other teachers and they also cannot believe how far you have come. This wasn’t something that you were able to do in previous years, and it is lovely to see you come out of your shell and express that lovely personality that you have. You are also a kind friend to others and such a valued member of Year 4. I am so pleased to see how far you have come in such a short space of time, please keep it up and keep being your incredible self.   



You have earned this award for the inspiring forgiveness you have shown towards your classmates when decisions they have made have not had your best interests at heart. You have been able to forgive and forget which has set an example for the rest of us to follow. Well done.




You are one of the most generous children that I have ever had the pleasure to teach. You happily give your time to others and your willingness to serve without expecting anything in return is outstanding. Members of staff across the school often comment on your kind-heartedness, dedication and wonderfully positive attitude. Your common answer to anything asked of you is “Got it!” and you then work diligently to make sure that this is completed to the best of your ability. Well done, you truly show the value of generosity.




Every single day, when you come through the door you always have a beaming smile on your face. That smile never diminishes. No matter what task you are faced with and no matter the situation you find yourself in, you always see the positive in everything. You are a shining example to all others around you. You certainly make our school a happier place to be. Thank you and well done.




You deserve the Individuality award because you are never afraid to let your wonderful, exuberant personality shine. It is this, which makes you such a great classmate and friend. Your individuality particularly came out on our trip to Tower Wood - you truly made the most of your time there with your wicked humour and sense of fun. When we were doing the canoeing challenge on the lake, you were the first to volunteer for the game where you had to dunk your head into the water, then whip your hair back and say, really loudly, so that it echoed across the lake, ‘Because I’m worth it!’ The fun you brought to the trip inspired others to let themselves go and just enjoy being in the moment without worrying how they looked, or what other people thought of them. Keep being your true authentic self - we love you for being you!




Integrity is something shown when an opportunity presents itself. In your case, an opportunity to show your integrity presented itself in our classroom. You put the needs and feelings of others before yourself in taking this opportunity and I am proud of the morals you displayed in this moment. I know that what you did made who you helped very happy, and I am so pleased that you helped when you had the chance.




You deserve the award for Joy because your beautiful, sunny disposition brightens up every day in school. You are always cheerful, friendly and willing to help. This makes you a great classmate and a credit to our school. You always come into school with a smile on your face, ready to learn and ready to help others. You approach everything with a positive attitude. It is with this optimism that you are able to make such a difference to our school. You have brought joy to your role as librarian as you are happy to make improvements to our school library. Also, younger children in school find your joyful, cheery nature very approachable which makes you a great role model who is nurturing and caring. The joy you bring to school is shared through the many activities you take part in - you are always so keen to embrace all areas of school life and are an inspiration to others in doing so.




A sense of justice is difficult to display when those around you can fail to do so. I am so proud of the strength of character you show to display unwavering justice. You can be relied on to always tell the truth, to help your friends, to make the right choice and above all else, to be trusted. 




You always notice when other children are alone or feeling shy. Without fail, you will get them by the hand and speak to them kindly, offering to play with them. You also notice when children and grown-ups need something and will jump up to help them out. Our class can rely on you if we ever need help and you will also give everyone a big smile.




You have amazed us all with your incredible resilience. When you came over to England from Ukraine in the summer, you only knew a little bit of English. In these last couple of months, you have worked incredibly hard both at school and at home to make loads and loads of progress. It hasn’t been easy for you – but a day has not gone by where you have not tried your absolute best. You are doing brilliantly at Maths, becoming more fluent with your reading and are working so hard with your phonics. You have made lots of new friends and the children in Year 2 think you are amazing! I do too. Keep going and keep showing that incredible resilience.




You are very caring of your classmates. You will stop doing what you are doing to go to children who need a helping hand. You will give up your own play to sit with other children and talk to them about the right thing to do. You remind us of the right thing to do when others forget. You have been very supportive towards a particular member of our class and encourage others to do the same. 



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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