Awards - Autumn 1 - 2020/21



We are giving you this award because of how you always articulate yourself in the classroom. You always wow us with your super knowledge and you always give super descriptions, particularly in Science lessons. We always look forward to hearing what you have to say.



You have been given this award for blossoming in confidence this term. We have all loved the way that you have become a chatty, friendly little girl who loves having a special bit of attention and isn't afraid to put forward your own opinion. Your radiant smile is a joy to see in our classroom.



This half-term, you have shown us all how we can forgive even when it seems difficult. You have shown a strong understanding of forgiveness and is able to give people a second chance. You set a good example of how we can all forgive.



You show generosity on a daily basis to every pupil and each member of staff. You always show a willingness to want to help others and go above and beyond to make people feel happy and part of the school culture. You are also a keen helper within the classroom and will offer to help no matter what the task. You have also shown incredible generosity by making new members of the class feel welcome and settled. You insisted on buying them a card to welcome them to the school and how you would love to be friends to help them settle in to school life. 



You are such a happy soul. You walk through the gate with a smile each morning and continue to radiate happiness throughout the day. You can be depended upon to cheer other children on and be proud of their achievements. You enjoy the challenge of school and smile the whole day through.



You are so confident in the person you are. During a PSHE lesson on our feelings, we were moving to different pieces of music to show how they made us feel. You expressed your feelings in an enthusiastic manner and were happy to show your dancing and explain your feelings to the whole class. 



For your unfaltering moral compass. You make the right choice first time, every time and act as a shining beacon to others on how to behave within school.



You have been awarded for bringing such joy to your family, classmates and teachers with the way that you have shown true perseverance to achieve a goal this term. Your willingness to keep trying and never give up, especially with tricky maths concepts, has been wonderful to see and we are all delighted with your tenacity. 



You regularly show justice.  Naturally, you will take turns, play by the rules and not take advantage of anyone.  A few days ago, you had seen that lunchtime play was not as good as it should have been for everyone.  You have understood that we (especially now) need each other and need to play well with each other during our breaks.  The way you approached Ms. Loughran with your concerns showed a great deal of justice for his classmates - your outcome was that you really wanted everyone to get along, play fairly and enjoy breaktimes.  You spoke with Ms. Loughran about this in such a mature and effective way and aired your concerns so eloquently.  Your classmates should be very proud that you want the best for them all.



This half-term, you have shown a huge amount of kindness. When a child started at our school recently, you made him a card to welcome him and offer your friendship. Not only that, to make sure nobody was left out, you made everyone a card to show them how much you care. You are such a kind girl.



You came up to Year 6 with a hard-working tag against your name and you have worked incredibly hard to date.  The reason you have shown such resilience is in your maths.  There have been occasions where you have produced a good volume of work and felt like you'd succeeded at a concept, only to find out that you maybe hadn't done quite as well as you thought.  Instead of giving up though, you have ploughed on, had a bit of extra teaching in some of these areas and tried your hardest so that you succeed.  I know you do this with your football, but you have also done this with your maths. You are a great role model to the rest of the class: never give up because resilience pays off.



Pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present.They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning.


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