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Mrs Desai

Welcome to Year 6. Our Class Teacher is Mrs Desai and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Crosby.  

If you would like to share any of your child's fantastic achievements with us, or you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email:

The Curriculum Overview at the bottom of this web page has details of our class curriculum for the current academic year. 

Please find the Year 6 SATs presentation on the files tab at the bottom of the page. 

YEAR 6 2021-2022

This year, we have been doing lots of new and creative learning. Take a look through some of our pictures to see what we have been up to. 

Tower Wood 2022!

We have been very fortunate to have been able to visit Tower Wood this year. Here are some pictures of some of our moments/experiences so far. 










As part of our Survival topic, we have been reading 'The Explorer' in Literacy lessons. Making the most of the wonderful weather, we decided to use nature and our creativity to cook up some jungle meals. We throughly enjoyed making these appetising creations which eventually made it onto our creative and descriptive Jungle Meal Menus. 

IMG_4057.JPG IMG_4001.JPG

Here are some examples of our Jungle menus. Click on the links below to see more. 



IMG_4344.JPG      IMG_4345.JPG 


Last year, despite bubbles and lockdowns, we managed to accomplish lots of learning and fun into our days.  Take a look at some of the things we have done:


What an amazing day we had!  The weather was very kind to us as we undertook our first class trip of the year to Blackpool and St.Anne's.  In the morning, we brought our map reading to life and contrasted a modern-day OS map with a map from 1890.  We then looked at some of the surrounding architecture, making sketches ready to finish our large-scale model of Blackpool coast.  We managed a stroll down the promenade and we may have even had a really small water fight in the sea!  It wasn't the teachers who started it - promise!

In the afternoon, we headed to St.Anne's beach where we had a picnic in the glorious sunshine, made sand versions of Blackpool and a few games of cricket followed by ice creams.  What a day to remember!

Blackpool.Year 6.1.JPG

To finish our history topic of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, we designed our own shields which were used in a real-life battle on the field.  We had been learning a battle song and we sang this before our battle commenced.  We had great fun - but, true to history, the Vikings won!  


The children enjoyed 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell.  We used the outdoors for drama as we freeze framed some of the dramatic scenes.  We also made actual jungle meals from the resources we foraged in our wooded area, then designed adverts for our tantalising meals!  Who wouldn't want a delicious, grub-filled meal that could make your taste buds tingle and elevate your experiences to the highest of heights?



We use practical resources in our maths lesson wherever possible to translate a solid understanding of the concepts the children learn.

In as much as we work hard in class, there is always the chance to take opportunities when they come our way.  Here we are when the snow arrived in Barton :


We love our class novels in Year 6.  As well as reading The Wizard of Oz, Year 6 were introduced to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet - we even managed a masquerade ball remotely!


As some of our subjects weave seamlessly together, we often link our outcomes together.  We initially studied branching databases in science and worked on categorising insects in the environment.  After that, we chose our favourite and explored proportion and shading in art.  Our art creations were brought to life in DT when we created wire model sculptures and used mod roc to finish them off.  We've had a wonderful time.


We have been working hard on our writing in Year 6.  As we have started our new topic of ‘Beside the Seaside’, we looked at the use of animals in the circus.  We had some very strong opinions and ideas:


Remote education at St Lawrence CE Primary School

  • Every member of staff is still working full time in school.
  • Teachers and teaching assistants will be available throughout the day to answer any queries you or your child has about the work that has been set.
  • There is no difference between the work set in school and the work that is completed by pupils at home.
  • Literacy and Numeracy lessons taught in each class are shared via Zoom so that every child has contact with their teacher on a daily basis. Children joining by Zoom will be expected to join in with the learning in class.
  • Lessons will be shared via the class pages on the website and / or class dojo.
  • Children at home and in school will be set a personal project to work on alongside the formal teaching. This could be a history, science, art or DT project. Additional work will be set for other subjects.
  • Pupils will be encouraged to take part in PE activities from home.

In all subject areas, standards of teaching and learning will remain at the usual high standard. Pupils will be expected to submit work and teachers will mark and return it. Everyone at home and in school has worked incredibly hard throughout the Autumn Term to plug gaps in learning; pupils were making excellent progress. We do not want to let that slip! 

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