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Mrs Pilling


Welcome to Year 3

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Pilling and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Hindle

If you would like to share any of your child's fantastic achievements with us, or you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email:

Click here to see photographs of how Year 3 has celebrated the Queen's Jubliee

Although we have worked very hard this year, here in Year 3 we have still managed to have a LOT of fun whilst producing some amazing work. Here is a snapshot of our activities so far. 

We started the year learning about our locality. This involved lots of fieldwork and map making. Take a look at our brilliant collaged (and 3D) maps that represent Barton in 1800, 2020 and what we think Barton might look like in the future.  You will also find a sketch map of the local area with a key. 



We have also enjoyed learning about our bodies. We made skeletons from dog biscuits (see the before and after research photos!), nmade model muscles and investigated why calcium is so important for bones.

Before research:

After research:


Henry Dunkley has written a fantastic story called The Giant Bunny. You can listen to him reading it below. We have nominated him for ‘Writer of the Half-Term’ because of his SUPER use of a range of fronted adverbials to add more detail to the action. You really sound like a famous author now Henry!

Here is an extract from his story: ‘Far, far in the distance, on a lonely hill, Harry’s hairs were sticking up as he saw shadows that were lurking and growing, blood thirsty teeth that were showing and glowing, eyes of thunder turning and turning. That huge, colossal thing was a giant killing bunny. Screams were heard as fire spread. As a flicker of light went by, Harry was riding, riding down the highway that led elsewhere…'

You might also like to read Emily's story written during lockdown.
Here is part of Catherine's story - ‘The Blackpool Girl’.



Another recent highlight was 'Easter' focus day. This is us acting out the story and using salt dough to help us think about the different perspectives held by the characters. 


This is the special place in our classroom where we come to together and think about our lives, God and the school values.


Fancy a snack anyone? Take a look at our fabulous artwork here. Although left partially finished due to lockdown, I think these are just super!

Any problems or queries, please contact me directly by emailing:


Remote education at St Lawrence CE Primary School

  • Every member of staff is still working full time in school.
  • Teachers and teaching assistants will be available throughout the day to answer any queries you or your child has about the work that has been set.
  • There is no difference between the work set in school and the work that is completed by pupils at home.
  • Literacy and Numeracy lessons taught in each class are shared via Zoom so that every child has contact with their teacher on a daily basis. Children joining by Zoom will be expected to join in with the learning in class.
  • Lessons will be shared via the class pages on the website and / or class dojo.
  • Children at home and in school will be set a personal project to work on alongside the formal teaching. This could be a history, science, art or DT project. Additional work will be set for other subjects.
  • Pupils will be encouraged to take part in PE activities from home.

In all subject areas, standards of teaching and learning will remain at the usual high standard. Pupils will be expected to submit work and teachers will mark and return it. Everyone at home and in school has worked incredibly hard throughout the Autumn Term to plug gaps in learning; pupils were making excellent progress. We do not want to let that slip! 


Reading plus (DAILY LESSONS you will need your username and password for this)

Year 3/4 spellings

Online access to reading scheme books

Take part in a writing masterclass

Improve your handwriting

Free English units, including plans and resources to work through

SPaG activities (passwords on the front of your homework folder)

Practise number bonds and times tables

Tell the time

Lots of maths resources from the Lancashire Maths team

Plenty of maths games

Free Maths plan for multiplication and division, including resources and teaching packs

Free online tutorials and activities (you will need to use your password on the front of your homework folder to access this site)

Home Learning Packs
This resource pack includes plenty of resources for home learning

A fantastic website that lists ideas for family learning. Includes mathematics, spelling, and ideas for other subjects

A fantastic home learning pack that includes Maths, GPS, reading and other practical ideas

Online tutorials, activities, learn screens. Inlcudes Maths, English, spelling and other subjects

Free lessons through interactive learning links for Maths, English, Topic. Split into days for easy timetabling.

Computing - coding

Free science plans, resources and teaching packs

Free topic pack (The Romans in Britain). Includes plans, resources and teaching packs for history, science, art, DT, drama

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