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What is the EYFS?

The Early Years Foundation Stage is the stage in your child's learning from birth to 5 years old. This is the time in school that we call Early Years. In your child's first year at school we aim to prepare the children for the rest of their school career. Children will have a range of experiences and opportunities to gain everyday skills and develop in a variety of areas of learning. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. A link to the parents guide can be found here.

These documents will give an overview of the objectives and development statements we will be working on each term in EYFS. These overviews are not set in stone and, as each child develops at an individual rate, the children may access the development statements at different times to suit their developmental stage.

We have three adults in Early Years, a teacher and two teaching assistants.  Our class has an attached outdoor play area. In our class we enjoy a variety of adult led and self chosen indoor and outdoor activities.

Our Curriculum

We follow our own Barton St Lawrence EYFS curriculum which outlines the knowledge and skills the children will develop over their time in our EYFS class. This has been developed as a school team using both Development Matters 2021 and Birth to 5 Matters 2021. It covers the statutory programmes of study from the statutory framework for early years (2021) and allows staff to plan purposeful and developmentally appropriate activities to enhance and support the children's learning. This document can be downloaded from the files section at the bottom of the page. 

Each half term the children's interests will lead us to a topic to cover as a context for learning. Examples of previous topic webs can be found in our files section. Our current topic web for "Ourselves" can also be found as a digital download. 

All of our work from the provision in the classroom is recorded using the Class Dojo. If you would like to see your child's learning journey, and comment on any of the records, please log in through Class Dojo for up to date images and records. 

Thank you to those of you who were able to join us at our "Meet the Teacher" night. If you were unable to attend, a link to the powerpoint can be found in our files section below. 

Shape Study

We have been learning about 2D shapes, their names and their properties. We have been investigating the attribute blocks by making pictures from the shapes.

shape rocket 1.JPG  shape rocket 2.JPG

Treasure Maps

Recently there has been a real interest into pirates and treasure maps amongst some of the children. They have been making their own treasure maps, boats and pirate outfits from the construction and junk modelling materials. Some of the children have worked hard on labelling the maps using their phonic knowledge and emergent writing. 

treasure map 1.JPG  treasure map 2.JPG

Owl Babies

One of our focus stories during the Autumn term was Owl Babies. We watched videos of owls, listened to recordings of them calling to each other and explored the texture of feathers. Here are some of our representations of owls made independently in the continuous provision.

owl babies 1.JPG  owl babies 2.JPG  owl babies 4.JPG    owl babies 3.JPGowl babies 5.JPG  owl babies 6.JPG  owl babies 7.JPG

Portrait Study

As part of our first topic of "I am Special" we looked closely at our faces and those of other people. We made portaits of ourselves and our friends in a range of different styles and media. Here are a few of the portraits we made.

Portrait 1.JPG Portrait 2.JPG Portrait 3.JPG Portrait 4.JPG

Portrait 5.JPG Portrait 6.JPG Portrait 7.JPG Portrait 8.JPG


Outdoor Artwork

In the garden we have been looking closely at the plants and flowers. We decided to make some hammer art using some of the natural materials we could find. Here is some of our artwork. One of the questions we are still trying to answer is "Why will a brown Autumn leaf not make a picture?" Do you know?

Hammer Art.JPG

Here are some of the experiences we had last year. Just a little flavour of what is in store over the coming months.

An Exciting Day - Rock Pool Experience

Last Summer the children were learning about rock pools and life under the sea. We had a rock pool experience talk from AquaLease where we learnt about the different creatures that live in the rock pools on the coast of Great Britain. We learnt so many amazing facts and thought of wonderful questions for the expert too. It was a really exciting day.

rock pool 1.jpg    rock pool 2.jpg     rock pool 3.jpg   

rock pool 4.jpg   rock pool 5.jpg    rock pool 6.jpg   rock pool 7.jpg

Our Amazing Work

Last year we worked together to make a sweet pea teepee. The children helped to fill the pots with compost, dig wells in the compost and plant the seedlings. We looked closely at the roots of the seedlings and the seeds they had been grown from. The children then carefully covered the roots in compost and helped to arrange the pots to make a circle ready for the plants to grow and form our teepee shape.

children planting.jpeg roots.jpeg planted plants.jpeg


Have a look at some of the wonderful work we have completed using Purple Mash.


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